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Worried about boob size!!


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Hi all,

Started CD a few days ago and Im seeing that my boobs dont seem as full already.
There quite big 38E and I understand that they will probably go smaller but Im really worried about them going really saggy with loads of stretch marks.

Has anyone experienced a dramatic weight loss in their boobs and if so is there anything that I can do to help prevent really bad sagginess and stretch marks??

Im going to start excercising in the next few weeks but was wondering if there was any creams and lotions that i could apply as Im losing weight to keep them as firm as possible??

Any help would be really appreciated

Thanks xx
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Bio oil helps prevent stretch marks and scarring, its pretty pricey but very good. I dont have large boobs but I didnt think you would get stretch marks loosing weight?

Best of luck with your weight loss :)


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Thanks hedgehog,

Will try bio oil I used it years ago for scarring so I know its very good.
Just panicking that they will get so saggy there going to end up by my ankles!!!
Thanks for replying so quick xx


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I have lost 11" from my bust and I must say that the difference is very very noticeable! (I am only halfway through my losses too) It all seems to have gone from my top half and bugger all from my hips, bum and thighs!

Bodycare do a cheapie version of Bio Oil called Rescue Oil, it is specifically for stretch marks and scarring. I have got stretch marks on my boobs, but hey - its probably the only downside of losing weight. From when i was pregnant, i know that stretchmarks do fade in time so its just one of those things.

Keep up the good work

Mikki xxx


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Hi Mikki,

I think Im going to get alot of stretch marks on mine too. Will try the bio oil maybe that will reduce them a little bit.

Well done with your weight loss so far you have done fantastic. Hope I do as well.

Thanks for the info much appreciated xx
My boobs have definitely gone south since losing weight so I started using nivea Q10 firming lotion on them before I go to bed and it does seem to have firmed them up a bit and have only been using it for a few days. Will wait and see though....cant see mine ever being 'pert' now!! xx


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Oh god I'd better get some lotion slapped on mine then cos they're shrinking much to my relief lol
I went to get a new bra yesterday as i knew mine was too big. I've been a 40E for ages and when i got measured yesterday i was a 34G - what going on there then?? I can understand the smaller band size but going up 2/3 cup sizes - bloody hell they were big enough without being a G !! As for them going South, well mine were already half way there - i'm not into lotions and potions - a good fantasie bra is the answer - best bras on the market in my opinion and also get properly measured - my hubby thought i'd lost another 7 lbs when i came in with my new bra on.
Cup size is proportionate to back size so a 34G is smaller in both cup and back than a 40E - so don't worry shazzy you are going down!


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Well I've always had stretch marks on my boobs, cos they grew so quickly when I was 15, the family joke is, I went to bed flat chested one night, and woke up next day a 36DD.

When I started CD, I was a 52J, which are now huge on me, I got dressed this morning, found out a smaller pair of bras, a 44H and they fit perfectly
I've always had great boobs lol not to blow my own trumpet or anything!
No seriously they have always been really big and well......pert! lol people used to comment and ask if they were fake etc!
Anyway after having my soon who is now 16 months, they still look fab in a bra but are a bit too southwards for my liking without a bra. i dont have any stretchmarks on them, am using bio oil tho to keep them firm.
After i shift the weight and maintain and if my boobs arent in great shape then im gonna get a boob lift. I'm a 38e at the mo. was always a 36dd. i know surgery is a big step especially just for cosmetic value but im not planning on any more kids, im only 23, and i love my boobs and want them to be perfect lol!!


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Its not the losing weight that brings the stretch marks - they were there anyway when the weight was put on. Only difference is the fats coming out so theres nothing to keep them plumped up.
Cup size is proportionate to back size so a 34G is smaller in both cup and back than a 40E - so don't worry shazzy you are going down!
thanks for that - you learn something everyday :)

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