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worried about going from ss to ss+... info/help appreciated

C: 16st6lb
Helloo all, I know this sounds silly but I'm coming up to my fourth week and me and my CDC. Decided on first week that after 4 on ss I would move up to ss+.. Now I'm panicking about it! Even tho I would love a meal at night I don't feel like I would have lost enough and don't want the losses tto slow down!! ....
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S: 19st4lb C: 12st5.5lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 6st12.5lb(35.74%)
you don't have to go to ss+ - you can tell your CDC that you've changed your mind. take it week by week...


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Yeah - just to confirm that unless there is a medical/physical reason that you should SS+ (which I can't see from your stats) you don't have to eat until Week 13.

I'll give you a handy hint though - there will be some weeks you find the going tough - I had those myself and I pretended to promise myself if I got through the week, I could SS+ afterwards.

I never did until the set week of 810, but it's a clever trick to play if your tummy and brain start playing games with you ;)

SS+ doesn't really impact your losses - maybe slows you down by a 1lb for the first week you do it, but overall through the averages it reduces your weightloss by about 1lb over a month. So it's your choice. Don't panic :)
C: 16st6lb
Thanks Cerulean that helps! Got to admit last night I had some broccoli! And I feel bad about that and regret it lol I have told my cdc that ill wait as long as possible on ss

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I lose more on SS+ than SS. My little meal keeps me focussed and it is nice to have something to eat. Don't dismiss it give it a go.
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Ive moved up from SSing for 10 weeks to SS+. I still have a lot to go but I want to start reintroducing food as I come off the diet in a few weeks. My daily losses have slowed, but thats probably for being on the diet for long.
You don't want to become terribly afraid of eating ordinary food! You are doing well so of course you are nervous but there must be a reason why your CDC suggested this. I also found the little bit of extra food a life and diet-saver. You are quite tall - are you having three packs a day on SS, or four?

I would do what your CDC recommends unless you have another chat with her to officially renegotiate your plan. Don't be afraid - SS+ losses are almost as fast as SS - very little difference and some experience no difference at all.

Good luck!


Bouncy Castle
S: 19st4lb C: 12st5.5lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 6st12.5lb(35.74%)
I think when you still have a few/several stone to lose, SS is quite an attractive option for some people because you don't have to make any choices about food at all, and for many of us it's making choices which has been the root of the failure of the diets we've tried before. If you can make choices you can bend the rules, whereas there's no scope for bending the rules on SS at all. It's a relief not to think about food.

SS+ works really well, and is the best option for people who find giving up food completely to be hard and undesirable. But other people don't feel like that, and for them there is absolutely nothing wrong with SSing until week 13 / target. Provided they go up the steps they can deal with real food at the end of the journey, when they no longer have months of diet stretching ahead of them.

Lastly, CDCs vary in quality and ability, and even the good ones don't know your body or your mind as well as you do.

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