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Worried about loose skin :( please help!

Hellooo! i'm sorry if this has been asked before but im really worried about loose skin. Im going to start lighterlife soon and i've heard so many success storys on it about people losing weight in a short amount of time. Wouldn't this cause alot of loose skin losing weight so quickly? I'm about 20 stone and 17 years old, does age matter too? Isn't the skin more elasticated when you're younger? Are there any specific exercising that will help with loose skin?

Im sorry about all the questions hehe! just having abit of a worried moment! :) thanks to anyone who answers really appreicate it!
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You definately have age on your side hon!!! CHances are you have only been that overweight a short number of years?

Me, on the otherhand, I was overweight more then 25 years and more then twice your age - so yea, I got some loose skin. But - its not horrible. I hate it, bit tis not horrible, and certainly better then before being morbidly obses - and only visible when completely nekkid.....so, there could be worse things.

I woudl nto worry too much for your situation. I think you will spring back nicely. You can use creams and stuff, but personally, I think they are mostly snake oil. But a lot of people swear by them.

Gentle toning while dieting will help, and if there is any left - it can take many months for it to snap back completely, so dont despiar.

Good luck to yoU!!

Hi Aimee and welcome to minimins and LL.

I am fortunate not to have any loose skin. I am 35 and I started a lb off 19 stone.

I have some wobbly bits that I will work on with exercising to tone them!

Good luck on your LL journey! It really is fab and you will find this website an amazing support.

Kat xx


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Hi ya - Im 31. I started off at 20 stone and have lost just over 5. I dont have any lose skin yet (except where I had my girls).

I have heard bio oil is very good for stretch marks. It may help tighten the skin too.....im not sure!!!

Good Luck xx
Hi Aimee,

Not sure how true it is but someone told me that the rate at which you lose the weight doesn't really make a difference to whether you will have loose skin or not.

Good luck on LL :)

i have lost 4 stone and have loose skin on my arms, thighs and tummy ( but have had 3 kids so no surprises there!)
i think i have been unlucky - but i am 41 - you def have youth on your side

plus.... i would far rather have loose skin and size 8 clothes than puffed out skin and size 18 clothes!

daisy x


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Heya Aimee :) I'm 23, and lost 10 stone on the diet... I do have some loose skin but it's actually shrinking quite well on it's own. Age is definitely on your side, so don't worry about it.
Initially you will have wrinkly saggy bits because the weight loss happens extremely quickly (we can't expect our bodies to catch up so rapidly!!) but within about a year and a half you'll start noticing that the body is catching up and the skin will tighten up... It can be accelerated by toning exercises, swimming and exercise!

Hi Aimee, just wanted to add that I think its great that you are taking the step to lose your weight while you are still young - and then keep it off.

The skin, I am sure will spring right back into place.

good luck xx
Hi Aimee :)

First of all good luck with your LL journey, It can be a struggle but weeeell worth it!...I think loose skin is down to the individual. Im 24 and did LL for 3 months between February & May 2009. I found the diet incredible, never felt better and lost 3stone. However, I did find that I was starting to get loose skin, the tops of my arms and calfs became a bit...saggy :( This freaked me a little, I read loooads of reviews online & seen that this was a problem with quite a few people, something to do with rapid weight & muscle lost. So, I decided to join slimming world instead. Admittidley it is a little slower, I on average lose 3lb a week. But my body looks better and I haven't had any more looseness of skin. Another problem with LL that I had was tooth decay. In 24 years I had never had so much as a filling but after 3 months on LL I had to have 4 fillings. This alarmed my Dentist and advised I refrain from VLCD.

I am not in anyway trying to discourage you from LL. Infact the opposite, I found it satisfying and an excellent boost. I would probably advise beginning your dieting journey by being on LL for a few months to reduce your appettite and give me you a head start and confidence boost. But, then I would switch to a more maintainable diet that will give you all the nutrition you need and let you loose weight in more enjoyable way :)

But hey thats just my opinion and I see on here maaany people have had success with LL. So good luck & I'll enjoy following your story :D x
I first lost 60lbs when I was your age.... but put them back on, and about 5 years on I've lost 50lbs with CD/LL .... from -my- experience I'm not toning as well as I did that time. Maybe its other factors... but I have a feeling the 'young skin' wont be enough.... though i'll let you know in another 50lbs!

All I'm saying is... once you decide to lose the weight, go for the long haul... dont start yo-yo dieting cuz it'll only come back to haunt you.

Plus... being obese and facing numerous medical issues vs. a bit of lose skin.... for me no contest.
Completly agree with yoyo dieting can be a nightmare...especially on your joints so iv heard! Definitly stick thru it for the duration, even if u have a bad day start over the next so u dont fall off the wagon! And even if you do get a smidgen of loose skin, youll still look and feel fabulous xx :)
My joints have taken a HUGE battering over the years. I never noticed it quite so much living in California, but here, the damp wreaks havoc on at least one part of my body every single day of my life.

I intend to name my next cat "Owwww" so people will think I am calling the cat and not just moaning. Again. lol

DO look after your joints while you can - I promise you - you will be glad you did.
Logic, that 'owww' made me laugh!! You sounded like the baz lurhman 'sunscreen song', good advice :) I was just reading your stats its incredible! Congrats :) how the heck have u maintained for that long? Have you been able to go back to normal food after LL? Has it been hard? X
Thanks CM. :) Well, I manage to maintain because I refuse to ever be fat again - its just not an option. Is it hard? Some days, but most days no. It is a lot to learn, and lots of habits needed changing, and sometimes youcan start to slip back into thos ehabits. The trick is staying aware and recognising when it becomes a problem. And then acting on that THEN, not later. I often can't believe I have done it myself, and do have to be conscious about what I am eating at all times. One day I hope it to become a natural thing, but I reckon it will probably always be something I have to pay very close attention to.

We have amazing abilities, if we just put our minds to something. Keeping them there is the tricky part.

I am back on completely normal food - but do try to always make healthy choices....with the occassional guilty pleasure. Balance is key. A little one day, not a lot every day.

Good luck to you!! :)


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