Worried about Metabolic Rate and AAM


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Hey All,

For those of you who don't know me, I was on Lipotrim for 10days and switched to CD. I'm on my third week of VLCD. I went to my GP to get my CD form Stamped and the nurse has totally put me off.

She was saying that 'you can loose weight easily with these kind of diets but would definitely put on the same and more when you leave this diet'. She was also saying that the Metabolism of the body slows down during this diet and when we start eating normal food it will add to the weight easily. So I have two questions here.

1. During the diet, the metabolic rate definitely slows down and how do we take care of it when we start eating normal food. I definitely agree that during maintenance we need to be careful about what we eat all that. But still what would happen to the metabolic rate.
2. Is that the reason we have AAM in between to change the metabolic rate in between and again SS etc. I was planning to skip AAM and would it affect my metabolic rate?

I'm really worried after talking to my nurse :confused:. She gave this as her personal advice though she approved me to do CD and I don't blame her on that. I did not have correct answers for it. That's all.

Start Weight :14St 13 lbs Target Wt:10St
1st week loss : 7lbs
2nd Week loss : 5 lbs
Current Weight : 13 St 7lbs
CD has a stepped programme to gradually reintroduce food. This will be in your yellow book, if you haven't got one ask your CDC or look on the website. If you just started eating at your pre-diet levels straight off then you would regain easily.
Take a look at Marylyn's posts in the Last Stone Mission thread she talks a lot about slowed metabolism and how to deal with it. A gradual increase in food intake coupled with exercise is the key to increasing metabolic rate.
I don't think AAM actually gives enough additional calories to make much difference, someone else will no doubt know the reason for it.
Well I finished the diet 10 months ago having lost just under 12 stone and I am still at goal weight so what she is saying is a load of rubbish!

If you eat what you ate before you did the diet after the diet then you will regain weight, if you modify and eat less and healthier then you will remain skinny.

And althought your metabolism slows on the diet as soon as you eat normally it goes back again to it's normal state. And remember that for every stone you lose you burn 150 calories less a day so technically my metabolism is now 1800 calories a day less than it was when I was big but then again it needs to be!

I believe that one of the many benefits of a VLCD is that you get to retrain your taste buds from scratch and that you will naturally regain the weight if you don't don't adhere to the rules.........ie if you go back to your old ways........
Many people are sceptical about VLCDs and weigh regain. My GP said to me - lets see where you are in a years time.....
I feel that when I did ww or south beach that after a week or two I would cheat........AS a FOOD ADDICT I needed to take food away all together to give my body a chance to heal..........thats the way I see it.......
I believe that once you follow the maintainance programme and exercise regularily there is no way most of us who have endured the struggle to loose weight will regain...........

Best of luck.........


There's nothing as tiring as people in the medical profession giving their opinions as fact, especially when they know little about the subject. At least my doctor had the good sense to admit that she didn't know enough about the diet to cast an opinion.

The fact is that you do put on weight as you replenish your glycogen stores, but at the same time, as you go through the refeeding stages, you continue to lose weight because of the shortage of calories. This usually leads to an overall loss of weight on balance.

I don't think there is anyone on this board who will tell you they followed the stabilising bit 100% to the end and then kept to the normal amount of calories for the average person of similar weight, height, age, yet still put on.

On the other hand, there are a number of us others around that have maintained.

The latest research has also proved that the metabolism is restored again after a brief panic, regardless of what diet you do.

So now we've attained that your dear nurse hasn't got a clue what she was talking about, I suggest you blind her with science.

Perhaps you could tell her how much you value her opinion and knowledge of the diet, then ask why diet coke isn't recommended. That'll stump her :D

Get some good info on ketosis and ask her the percentable of gain of the glycogen stores as you work through the steps.

Get her nervous and perhaps she wont be so quick to give her opinion next time.;)

Oh, you could add that everyone else you know that kept to the diet didn't put on weight.....why was that?:confused:

You could also ask her why some hospitals do lipotrim/cambridge and possibly LL. Wouldn't that be totally irresponsible:confused:

So there. I'd have her quaking in her nurses shoes :D
Hello Lipotrimmer

Hello there

I'm Marylyn and will be glad to give you any advice if I can on any worries you might have.

I sole-sourced on Lipotrim under strict medical supervision for 9 months and am now 10 lbs from goal weight.

I changed over to Cambridge Diet in November and I still have some LT left over which I have too.

As Icemoose says when we lose stones of weight we need less to eat, because there is less of ourselves to maintain and so when you reach your goal weight if you want to remain slim, you will need to find the right level of calories through some trial and error maybe. It depends on your life-style, how much energy you burn on a weekly basis.

I came to a point where I couldn't manage on the 420 calories after nine months and the doctor advised me to find a sensible maintenance level, as my weight stabilized at 500 calories. This was my most frustrating month. However, when I took the doctor's advice and started to pick up the calories to 750, and that is a lot for me, the weight started to drop again. Kilo by kilo every week for the past month.

I've been having 2 CD shakes in the morning, one in the a/noon and this leaves me 340 calories for the evening.

I have what is known as an efficient metabolism and can exist on very little. I'm happy to do this. I used to remain stable at 1000 - 1500 calories and found it hard to lose weight on 850 cals. This is why I was put forward for the Lipotrim programme.

You will find lots of support here; we're all very glad to help. Stay in touch.

Marylyn with regards