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Worried about my weign in Tomorrow!

It's my first weigh in tomorrow, and i have followed the plan properly all week eating all my daily points and a few of my weekly ones, even done extra walking this week too! However, I don't think it's going to show on the scales and even think i could have put on looking at what i weigh at home :confused:

Did anyone else put on during their first week and then go on to lose lots the following week? The old plan always worked for me soo well but I really want this one to work for me too :sigh:
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Hi sweet don't be so negitive I lost on the old plan a few years ago, but I started on the new plan in november & I have lost 15lb so it does work.

Even if you don't loose this week (I'm sure you will) don't be down heartend you can do it!

Oh & stop weighing yourself at home it can be a really negative thing if you see you haven't lost on your own scale & their not always right.

Good luck hun let us know how you get on xx :)
Thanks hun, I will continue with it even if i do gain, and should stop getting on the scales at home.

Just a couple of questions if you don't mind.. do you use all of your weekly points because I haven't and also I am right in thinking that I can use my points on whatever i like as long as it's within the 29 points and at any time of the day.
Good I'm glad your going to stick at it.

I don't always eat all of my weekly 49 althogh it hasn't made a massive difference on the weeks that I have/haven't had them. You can split your 49 throught the week or have them all in one hit along side your daily 29.

Thats right you can use your 29 on anything you like just as long as you have them in one day your not alowed to carry them over (or save them up) unlike the old system.

It sounds like we are a simular shape & starting weight so it will be interesting to read your progress hun.

Let me know if you need any questions answering not that i'm an expert but I might be able to help xx


On A Mission!
Yay 3lbs down thanks for your support guys :)
Well done!! I have to admit i get scared by the amount of food you can eat on the new plan too, but it obviously works!
well done,,thats great

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