Worried about refeed.


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Been on the refeed for 3 days.

Now i will say that eating again is fantastic. but I'm so worryed about putting weight back on.

Started on thursday

Day 1
Lipotrim for breakfast and then one for dinner. then had Chicken breast and mixed leaves with balsamic vinager dressing. (loved everything, and I dont do salad).
Felt very guilty and bloated.

Day 2
Lipotrim breakfast & dinner and the Piece of salmon with small bowl of mixed leaves with balsamic (even taster) same pangs though.

Day 3
Maintenance Summer fruits drink for Breakfast, then for lunch I mixed a drained tin of tuna fish(in Brine) in a bowl of mixed greens with that gorgous balsamic.
and for dinner I had a chicken breast baked with a bowl of sweet and crunchy salad, (iceberg lettice, red cabbage, carrot)with balsamic.

So why do I feel like that I'm going to put weight back on this week. this all feels wrong. it dont feel right.
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You are bound to feel strange and worried, everybody does. You will be fine cos you are sticking exactly to the refeed plan.

I am refeeding soon and I have already been warned by my pharmacist not to panic if a bit goes on that week cos it is a funny week with your stomach not being used to food and you can get a bit of bloating and water retention.

What you are worried about I guess is it all going back on, I guess we will just have to believe in our selves and carefully follow a plan. Maintenance isn't easy but plenty of people on here manage it nd I believe you can too, good luck x