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worried bout wi

hey, well im feeling much better 2day but really worried bout mondays wi as ive hardly been having any water, not even 1L a day, ive been trying but felt so rough i couldnt manage anymore, just about managed my shakes.
making an effot 2day to drink 2L +
really hope i still lose a few pounds.

x x
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It's not just about water, as long as you haven't ate anything you have no need to worry. However, you really must drink more water today, as you will become dehydrated, especially as you are ill. Don't worry about your WI, you'll be fine!

Clair x


A little of everything!
Fill a sports bottle and have it close to hand all the time. Leave glasses of water around the house and sip at them when you walk past. It'll all add up, and you really need to keep your fluids up- especially with all the exercise you do, or it'll backfire and you'll end up retaining fluid?
Come on- you CAN do it, you've 3 full days before WI to rectify any harm done- you can do it!!!
Try sparkling water, i never drank it before, never liked it but love it when on LT, it just tastes so much better. I also just try use a wine glass when drinking my water and just keep topping it up, then you don't feel like you have loads to drink....

i love water anyhow but it is different when you know you have to drink it..

Sparkling Water and wine glass makes me think I am having a nice glass of wine haha


Getting thinner everyday!
Last time on LT, I asked LT about why it was so important to drink water. I was expecting them to say that it facilitates weight loss but they didn't. I was told that if you don't drink you get constipated.

Towards the end of my last LT journey I struggled to get water down as I was always so busy. Some days I had hardly any but I still lost. I wouldn't recommend it though and this time am desperatley trying to remedy that aspect.

You'll lose on your WI.



A little of everything!
I was told that if you don't drink you get constipated.
You'll also end up retaining fluid- especially if you're exercising as your muscles hold onto water for a while after working out.
thanks, yeah 3 days to make up for it.
so far today ive had over half of a 1.5L bottle so doing better as its not even 12oclock. gonna get to 2L at least today if it kills me.
thanks for the tips, i'll try them.
just weighed myself (know i shouldnt but couldnt help it) and im 2lbs down since monday. feel slightly better now.
not been able to do any exercise this week as felt really ill so have been sitting on my bum most the week. really miss the gym.

hope every1 is having a good day

x x


A little of everything!
Way to go!! If you keep sipping here & there you won't even notice your water intake increasing? It's probably part mood/hormonal/pi**ed off with being ill thats making you panic too? Don't worry- with your track record so far you'll be making us all jealous again after your WI on Monday! LOL!

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