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Worried - New Lighter Lifer!

I'm worried...this is my 4th day on LL and I have my first 'pop in' tonight to check I'm in Ketosis and am losing weight.
However, since starting the foodpacks, I really don't feel any different!! I haven't had side effects and feel fine (and not hungry on it)...but I'm not convinced that I'll have lost much weight. I'm struggling with the water but am managing my 4ltrs a day..not much more tho!!
Do people who suffer constipation as a side effect find weight loss is less while they're "blocked up" to put it in nicest way possible?...
Also, I have a gym membership but I'm in 2 minds as to whether or not I should exercise. After hearing so much about weight loss slowing when exercising (my LLC said that exercise would speed up and increase weight loss!!)...
Want best possible results from this diet.
I've got about 6 1/2 stone to lose....

Thanks! :confused:
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I bet you will be surprised tonight because I felt exactly the same as you do now and when I went along to pop in I had lost 4 pounds which I was gob smacked at. I did struggle with constipation at first but I started buying the water flavourings which encouraged me to drink more water and the constipation seemed to disappear. Not sure about exercising people have told me not to whilst on vlcd but the weeks I have done I have a good loss (maybe it was just coincidental)
Good luck tonight and let us know how you get on.


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Hi and welcome to minimins :)

I never felt any different to be honest, on about day 2 I felt achey and sore but to be honest I put that down to being a bit of a bug - apart from that I've got to say I've felt fine === I also never thought I'd lost much weight but I have. Really don't worry about these things, if you feel great then that's brill and if you stick to the diet you will lose the weight.

Constipation - well I've been constipated throughout (up until Friday when I went due to Movicol) - I've lost weight throughout but can't say whether I would have lost more had I 'been'.

Exercise - I exercised since the end of week 1, started gently with pilates and then increased to gym and pilates and aqua aerobics. I never wanted to be in the position where I lose weight due to the diet but then have a major struggle with my body as I hadn't done any exercise, I want to exercise and tone my body as much as I can along the 'journey' rather than leaving it all to the end.

Hope that some of this helps you - everyone is different and the advice I've given is what's good for me but there will be others who'll give the opposite but don't worry you'll find your own way.

Best of luck and well done for joining LL.

Thanks so much for the reassuring replies...I'm hoping that I am in for a surprise at the pop in weigh in tonight...otherwise I'm not sure it'll give me the motivation to carry on if my loss isn't good!!
I've bought the water flavouring but when I went to try some lastnight I was put off by the fact that it doesn't dissolve completely and seemed very much like 'Andrews' or something...so I couldn't drink it.
A lot of the shakes don't seem to dissolve well either which is very off-putting.
But I've got my fingers crossed for tonight!!

I think exercise can only be a benefit really...with the weight loss surely it's best to keep some kind of activity going regularly (such as swimming) to help tone up whilst the weight is coming off. I just don't want to start exercising and drop to 1-2lbs a week when not exercising would maybe give a 3-4lbs a week loss.

As long as it comes off at atleast a stone a month I'll be happy!!!

I know it's only early days with the toilet situation but I think I'll need to persevere with the water flavourings...I think it'll encourage more water drinking too as I'm really struggling when I get onto 3rd litre.

Time will tell!!!.....


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Hi Scotsnat and welcome,
I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised tonight - despite not feeling any different. The diet does work if you stick to it and the water situation gets better. I struggled initially but once I got into ketosis I seemed to get thirstier and I average 5Ls a day now.
As to exercising - it can only do you good and although you may not lose quite as much as others in your group INITIALLLY - it'll all even out eventually, so I wouldn't give it up. From what I've picked up here you may not be able to carry on with what you normally have been doing until you get used to the reduced calories.
All for now
Make sure you come back and tell us the good news :)
Good Luck For Your Pop In Tonight - I Felt Like You 4
weeks Ago And Lost 8lb At My Pop In - I Have Now Lost 171bs And Get Weighed Again Tonight - Stick With The Water Flavourings, I Had Trouble "going" But After A Day Or Two They Really Helped - I Am Also Going To Body Combat 3 Times A Week And Am Feeling Fantastic - Dont Give Up !!!
Excellent, am also thinking about doing Body Combat 3 times a week and hoping that'll help me shift the weight...but I have a paranoia that it won't come off quickly enough...I can't bear to not make my target of 6.5 stone by Nov/Dec!!



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I bet you will! And you'll look fab too with all the exercise ....


Hopeful for the future
Thanks Trish...your weight loss record over the 3 weeks so far looks fantastic by the way!
I'll be sure to check in tomorrow with the news! :)
Thanks - I'm quite pleased with it I must say .... you'll be the same and better soon

Mrs Lard

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Welcome to the wonderful world of LighterLife and good luck for your first pop in.

Minimins is a great place to find answers to your questions and, as the others have said and as you will see for yourself, everyone's experience is slightly different.

I would talk to your LLC (LighterLife Counsellor) about all these issues when you go tonight. Just to get his or her take on the situation.

I would also recommend a blog on the exercise front; http://livetoslim.blogspot.com. Lesley has done amazingly well on LighterLife but unlike me, she has embraced exercise - to the max. She is pretty inspirational, to be honest.

I have just finished Foundation and didn't have much energy to begin with and have just increased my walking but I am going to try the gym, at last. Again, everyone is different and if you already went to the gym before LL, you might not find it so tiring. There are a few threads on here about it.

I really wish you luck and you have come to the right place to get the support you need.

Let us know how you get on.

Mrs L xx


has started again!!
Hi! Welcome to the crazy world of LL!!

Hope your pop-in went well, but I am sure it did!

In answer to a couple of your queries, I am almost constantly "blocked up", I have to drink 5+ litres a day, I use soda water and flavourings and STILL struggle. On the couple of weeks when it has been really bad, my losses have been smaller, but its not really surprising!

re the water flavours, I only use the Forest Fruits, and sometimes it is hard to dissolve, but two ways I use it are in fizzy water (like a pop) and also as a hot drink. It just gives a little more variety. I know some LLers also make up ice lollies with it too!

I found some of the packs hard to mix too, so I did as many others have done and bought a cheap hand blender in my local Tesco. (mine was about £5, but I know others have bought cheaper). They are a real godsend, I can tell you! The two new packs, banana & strawberry, however, mix really well in the shaker, no need for the blender there!

I hope all goes well, Let us know wont you?
Hi Scotsnat
Welcome! Look forward to hearing how your pop-in goes. I didn't have any side effects on week 1, but then everyone's different.
Your bod will soon tell you how much body combat you can get through each week! I've exercised lightly all the way through foundation and I'm pleased I did. I'm back in the gym just now at the start of Development doing lots of toning and strength training.
Let us know how your pop-in goes - bet you'll be surprised. I lost 11lb in my first week - 7 of which had gone by my 1st pop-in!! I couldn't believe it :D


Taking it Day by Day
Hi Scotnat
Hope your weigh in goes well tonight. In my first week I felt abosolutely fine with hardly any of the dreaded side effects, unfortunately they caught up with me at the start of the second week ,but only for about 2 days.
I found the soup very lumpy initially but my LLC advised to mix them up with a bit of cold water into a paste and then add hot water to it, and I absolutely love my soups now (especially Thai), still have one to look forward to tonight.
I started doing gentle excercise recently (don't think I would have had the energy in the first 2 weeks), I just don't want to be slim and unfit I suppose. I just try and listen to my body and don't do too much. Take care
Welcome and thank whoever that you've felt fine week 1!! I felt like death warmed up!! Re excercise just go gently & your body will tell you whats too much! Best to space packs to maximise sucess & dont overdo it! I have an allotment & am going to start yoga soon to start toning. People vary but my feeling is that excercise needs to become part of my life to stop putting the weight on again...The weight will come off if you stick to it - even someone like me who has had relatively slow losses for variour reasons (put on more muscle than lost fat some weeks!) and still lost over a stone a month! Bet you'll be pleasantly surprised tonight!!! Keep us updated & hang in there!


Just one day at a time
Good luck tonight. Let us know how you get on.

I don't mix my shakes into a shake. I have them as an "angel delight" as this is the only way i can make them. They are also great to make at work as i just use a plastic cup and a spoon. No blender needed.

Fingers crossed xxx
Hello All!

Thanks for all the supportive messages..however I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with my first pop in weigh in.
After 4 days I've only lost 3 3/4 pounds!!..I thought it'd be more than that! One of the girls in the group lost 3 1/2 but the rest managed 6 or 7!!...I was really gutted. Can't think why I haven't lost as much...I've been drinking 4ltrs water and I haven't cheated once....

I know 4lbs in 4 days is still a steady rate but was just a bit miffed that I hadn't lost a good half stone like the rest... :sigh:


Hopeful for the future
Well done scotsnat - that's a fab weightloss in 4 days.
Try not to compare yourself to others - we're all so different. This means you're on track for an almost HALF STONE wight loss this week!!!!
Whoooo :)


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S: 18st2lb C: 15st2lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 3st0lb(16.54%)
Hello All!

Thanks for all the supportive messages..however I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with my first pop in weigh in.
After 4 days I've only lost 3 3/4 pounds!!..I thought it'd be more than that! One of the girls in the group lost 3 1/2 but the rest managed 6 or 7!!...I was really gutted. Can't think why I haven't lost as much...I've been drinking 4ltrs water and I haven't cheated once....

I know 4lbs in 4 days is still a steady rate but was just a bit miffed that I hadn't lost a good half stone like the rest... :sigh:
4lbs. in 4 days is brill:party0011:

As Tishosh has said, please don't compare yourself to others as we all lose weight at our own unique level. That said, we all tend to do it:p

Love Mini xxx

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