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Worried :(

I'm really dreading my WI tonight. I've been having some problems the last three weeks with constant symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks (not sure why, I'm hoping to see my GP this week) and because of that I missed my last Monday's weigh-in and have also been a bit off plan for about a fortnight. I say a bit: I haven't been eating like a pig or anything, but I have been eating too many stodgy foods (on plan but still probably not too good to have all the time), going slightly over my max weekly syns and not eating as much fruit and veg as normal. I've also not been doing much exercise, as I find getting out of breath brings on a panic attack: just some gentle walking and yoga. Hopped on the scales to see what the damage was before class and looks like I've gained 6lbs, how could that happen?! I wouldn't have thought I could gain that much without eating lard butties every day. I'm really toying with missing class again now as I'm dreading a massive gain, but I know that would be a terrible idea for my diet. However, I don't think getting weighed, having my worst fears confirmed and then having it drawn attention to in class is going to help much with the anxiety either. What shall I do??
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I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for over a year now and know what you mean about not wanting to draw attention to your weight gain.

I'd suggest you speak to your consultant before weigh in and ask her/him to only give out your overall weight loss since you started rather than what's happened since your last weigh in.

My consultant often does this and it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb as that's what she does with anyone who has a STS or is at target.

Good luck with your weigh in. You know why you've had the gain so draw a line under it and get back to the plan.

Hi Tinsel :)

I think you will ultimately feel worse if you do not go. You are what you weigh whether you weigh in or not - you won't be any slimmer by ignoring the scales. (And what scales are you using anyway?)

You might feel that your anxiety is something which is outwith your control at the moment. Your weight is something you can control so try to focus on that and get back in the saddle. Physical and mental wellbeing influence each other sooo much. You will feel better in every way if you do not fall off the plan. Good luck and let us know how you get on :) x
hi, i would say go to class, and, then that will be the hard bit over, talk to your 'c', before weigh-in, and keeping fingers crossed it won't be as bad as feared. Good luck:D
Thanks everyone. I will go, and ask my consultant if she will be able to skip me in the meeting. I hope WI isn't as bad as anticipated but one way or another I know I'm going to have a gain. I really need to go to class for some inspiration, I feel completely stuck in a rut with food and craving high-carb pasta/potato-based meals constantly.

Denise, sorry to hear about your bad year with anxiety and depression, I hope you get well soon: it's so debilitating and frightening. Wish I knew what was causing mine: I can honestly say I wasn't feeling particularly stressed or depressed at all, and it just kicked off all of a sudden for no reason. Hopefully the doc can shed some light on it: perhaps it is something very straightforward like a mineral deficiency, who knows?
Well, I usually do green days being (mostly) veggie, and they accommodate carbs quite well. I do find, though, that if I eat lots of pasta and potatoes without including plenty of veg in my diet too I don't tend to lose weight, even if strictly I am following the plan. These last few weeks I haven't been eating enough veg so not surprising I've gained - but I am surprised by how much!
Hi again Tinsel - I have just had a look at your recent diary entries. It doesn't look that bad!

I would say though, you might want to consider knocking on the head: coffee, sugar, things with sweeteners, chocs and wine. These are all things that can trigger mood and sugar swings which will not help your anxiety. Boring, yes, but maybe worth a try to see if it helps.
Thanks sillysausage - way ahead of you, I bought some decaf this morning! Caffeine and alcohol I was planning to knock on the head, but you're probably right that it's worth cutting sweetener out of my diet too. Not sure I can bear to give up my beloved choc if I'm already cutting out wine though :(
Hi Tinsel81 - not so sure what to say about your weigh in - you don't want to make yourself feel depressed by a bad weigh in but at the same time I've found that avoiding things (like going to class) doesn't help with anxiety. Your doctor should refer you for blood tests to check there isn't anything physically wrong with you first of all, if not ask your doc to refer you for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - it really works!
Hey Tinsel

Hope you went last night. I can't imagine how you feel as I haven't suffered with anxiety or panic attacks. But I think it's important not to be too hard on yourself - leave the slip up in the past and move onwards and downwards. Best of luck.
Not sure if this helps, but I suffered with depression that I just could not explain and it was actually just a hormonal issue (diagnosed by blood tests).
Thanks everyone. I did go to meeting and it was as bad as I expected: 5.5lbs on :cry:

My leader was nice though, she didn't read out my gain, just that I'd had one and I said why I thought it was. I'm glad I went, it did give me some more focus and it was nice to get out of the house.

Re my anxiety: I saw my doctor today and he did some basic tests (blood pressure etc) and said that physically I seem fine, but I have to go back next week for blood tests to make sure it's not my thyroid or anaemia or anything like that. I don't feel too bad at the moment, except for a persistent tension headache I've had for four days now which won't respond to paracetamol, a stiff neck and some numbness in my arm. Weird what these psychological things can do to our bodies!

Gemmalina, I hope you are feeling better and more like yourself now. I do wonder if mine is hormonal too, it was so sudden and not triggered by anything specific that it makes me wonder. I guess the blood tests will show that up?
Congrats Tinsel about going to class. I'm sure it couldn't have been easy! But you did really well to go. Now you can look to a new week and put that behind you. You should be proud of yourself.

Tinsel81 said:
Gemmalina, I hope you are feeling better and more like yourself now. I do wonder if mine is hormonal too, it was so sudden and not triggered by anything specific that it makes me wonder. I guess the blood tests will show that up?
I am feeling much better now, thanks. The doc had to specifically do a hormone profile when the usual tests came back as normal. If they come back clear, push fir more tests.
Would just like to add i used to suffer from anxiety myself, majorly! What you have to do is face your fears, the minute you feel out of breath you fear a panic attack and ofcourse the fear is causing you to have one. Its all somantic mostly, if i was to sit and ponder that a small ache in my back was agony i would eventually feel in agony. I had acute anxiety for four years so i say this with knowledge that to get better you have to no longer fear the anxiety, face it and embrace it. If i felt a panic attack coming on at first i would be filled with dread, once i learned to control them by allowing them to come i no longer feared them and they faded. Good luck, and no worries about the 5.5 lb, most will be water weight! Also artificial sweetner can raise your heartbeat, as can dehydration all of which can trigger an anxious state in a person so make sure u take good care of yourself :)
I suffer from awful anxiety and panic attacks too so I can really sympathise. Well done on going to class and facing the scales of doom! I've cut out all caffeine and sugar and just drink chamomile tea by the gallon (supposed to be calming). Interesting that people say to cut out sweetener. I use Splenda. Why should we avoid it? Be dead interested to know (love some Splenda on my weetabix!)
Hi Tinsel,
Well done you on going to class - you did so well.
I suffer from anxiety and panic from time to time and that advice that is on here is really good!
For me, it gets worse when I am 'disappointed' with myself and when I have too much caffeine. Alcohol also makes me feel generally anxious. I started taking Evening Primrose capsules, which did help, especially as anxiety seemed worse at certain times of the month.
I did an online CBT course, and it really helped me to face my fears!

Give yourself lots of praise for what you have achieved so far and hopefully some of the recent changes that you've made should make a difference.
Thanks everyone. I have felt better this week after cutting out caffeine - almost thought I was better, until another panic yesterday. Definitely seem to be on the mend though.
Try vitamin B complex, really helped me! Going that long and feeling so well means you are deffo on the mend, too me years to have a good week as i was sooo bad with it. If another panic attack pops up, be fine with it- dont be phased by it at all. If it could trually harm you it would of done by now, its just a nervous bluff x

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