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Hi all, jus wanted a bit of advice. I'm going camping with the girls this weekend which will involve a lot of alcohol. I'm taking gin and slimline tonic instead of my usual lager. But I'm worried about the food. I have been doing well after my holiday (I put 10 pounds on in 10 days) and am on a roll now so really don't want to ruin all my hard work. X
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Take some wholemeal bread/rolls, to make sure you use those for your healthy extras during BBQ's etc.
Perhaps take some Quorn Sausages, or some low fat/healthy choice meat ones if you aren''t veggie :) Perhaps some lean bacon too?
Also, fruit stores really well so that's handy to munch on. If you have a camping stove you could take some pasta and sauce, or some low fat supernoodles?
:) xxx
Maybe take a jacket potato which can be cooked on bonfires. Get some meat from Joe's sausages or similar so they're syn free. As others have said wholemeal rolls and fruit.
I think bread will go off,far better taking some cereal bars for HEXB ,some babybel HEXA or save for milk in drinks if you're brewing up. Can you research if there's a co op,spar Tesco near by,and bob in there daily for cooked chicken fruit,carrots? It could be done on plane but just needs planning. With I was going camping,although we live on chippy teas when we do x
Mm how long will the food have to hang around for before its cooked? Any chance of getting a cool box and preparing your stuff beforehand then just getting it out? The first day is easy as anything'll last til the night time without a cool bag but day 2 is trickier.

If you're having a BBQ:
Chicken is free and easy, you could rub some Schwartz spices in to make it tasty. (Maybe even chop it up and skewer it on kebab sticks, depending on if you'll have the time/energy/desire). Otherwise low-syn sausages. Take a bag of salad you can just open and eat with it. In fact take two, it'll last at least one day in the shade.

Personally I would not bother with the burger bun, it won't stop at one bun and they're more than a HEX each, better to have more chicken/low fat sausage/salad-y stuff. Avoid or go minimal on cheese/ketchup etc.

If you're not having a BBQ:
Tins of beans, Batchelors savoury rice thingies, pasta, sachets you can just bung water in like Ainsley Harriot couscous. (In fact any cous cous/bulgur wheat - you just pour water on, leave it xyz minutes then chuck any kind of spicy seasoning mix on and voila. I use the Schwartz Cajun jar a lot)

Also take loads of fruit, plus carrots and/or mini veggies like sugar snap peas, baby sweetcorn to snack on and to fill meals up.

If there's no cooking going to happen at all then make up some hot food before you go and stick it in a flask or two, or even three and/or make some cold salads eg couscous/bulgur wheat/beans that can go in Tupperware boxes for a day or so. As long as it hasn't got meat or rice in it it should be fine for 24h or so. And obviously still take the fruit/carrots/mini veggies etc.

There also used to be a few tins of stuff like curry you could get that were free/low syns but I dont know if they still are as I havent eaten that kind of stuff in a while.

have a good w/e! x:)

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