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Worst Week EVER! HELP ME!


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Its about time i fessed up and admitted how awful i have been this week......
It all started on Monday, its not an excuse at all but i went to my best friends Dads funeral on monday and it knocked me for six. I was quite close to him too as i lived with them for 2 years and i don't think i really realised how much it has affected me.

Monday night i decided to flexisyn and i went for a chinese.
i ate :

2 deep fried won tons in sweet and sour sauce
half a small plate of seaweed
1 spare rib in bbq sauce
1/4 of a small plate of crispy chili chicken

1 duck pancake with sauce onion and cucumber

then the worst of it all ...... (i had at least 1/4 of all these dishes)

king prawns in spring onion and ginger sauce

beef chow mein

mixed vegetables in oyster sauce

squid with mushrooms

which would be bad enough i know but it gets worse ...

also this week continuing my rampage of badness i have also devoured these in various restaurants :

chickpea and chorizo soup

a tuna mayo cheese and onion toastie on white bread with sald with vinegaratte (definately not lowfat)

starbucks skinny blueberry muffin

chicken and bacon salad with vinegarette


now i'm terrified of weigh in and whats more i'm meant to be going out with my friends and drink :( as if i have any syns left to use!!

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well done for confessing all. some of the blow outs Ive had I daren't even write down let alone post on here. We all go through difficult times in life and sometimes turn to food to comfort (or in my case to celebrate/ to fill time/ to congratulate myself....lol) anyway dont beat yourself up about it, just rule a line below it and get back on plan. eating better will likely lift your mood and help with the grief that you are feeling. good luck xxx


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Hey hun, please don't beat yourself up about it. You have had a hard week, there's no question about that. You've only been on the plan for two weeks, it will get easier to deal with controlling your binges as you progress on your journey. The only thing you can do now is to draw a line under everything, leave it in the past and move on. Take a few days to get your head back into the game, maybe buy the new magazine and have a look at some of the recipes, go out and buy the ingredients and have a good time cooking up some meals that you can freeze so you never have any excuse not to be on plan. There's even a sweet and sour pork noodles recipe in there to satisfy your Chinese cravings :)

The most important thing to remember is that you have had a hard week, I am really sorry to hear about your best friend's dad, I just lost my dad too very recently so I know how you are feeling, and I have been on the verge of walking into a pizza place and ordering lots of junk to eat on my own secretly, but it really makes no difference. If I have an off-plan day now, I feel rotten the next day because I know I didn't need it and I've already lost one thing in my life that makes me happy, I don't need to risk losing the body that I am working hard to achieve aswell.

Hope you feel more positive soon,

At least you've been honest with yourself and guess can move forward now. I'm my own worse enemy, i had two cadburys fudge bars, a milky way and a macdonalds cheeseburger on thursday, followed by a dairy milk bar last night - don't know whats happened with me this week, but i guess we all get those rubbish days.
Back on track for us all i reckon xxx


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hey hun... i wouldnt worry too much about it now its done and its obviously been a very rough week for u so draw a line under it and start again :) hope u feel better soon x x x x :gen126:


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these things happen to most of us at some point or another. i'm sorry to hear of your loss, its only natural to turn to the thing that comforts us. you've acknowledged whats happened and you just need to put it behind you and start afresh. plan ahead for next week and just carry on as before. don't feel bad about it now though, the main thing is that you nip it in the bud before it became a problem. take care :) xxxx
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dont worry babe, i have done the same! work and life this week are testing me to the limit! im a midwife and its ben a very stressfull horrid week. At home my 2 year old has turned into the anti christ! I work nighs and on my nights off she wont sleep! and is vile! so what do i do to keep going? eat crap!!!!! we are all human hun, draw a line through it and start again. I am gonna do se from today, get weighed in on wed! good luck.xx
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Its too late to worry about it now, it's done. What you can do is forget about it & move on. Still go to class & be prepared for what the scales say. Times like these do get easier & you will learn how to deal with hard times by eating SW friendly food & not 'crap' food.

Don't beat yourself up about this anymore.

You can still go out with your friends. How about drinking something like vodka with diet coke & alternating it with just diet coke, that way you look like you've got an alcholic drink & won't feel left out. And try to say no to the nibbles/supper/kebab. ;) Don't let the past week spoil your night out with our friends.


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Thank-you guys for your lovely words, you have made me fel so much better and i've been starting again as of today will a super speed soup and a lovely SW roast with a muller afterwards. I missed breakfast as i rolled in around 3 ish this morning, but i had water as well as alcohol while i was out last night trying to be good!:devilangel: I'm having a holiday instead of WI this week cause i just can't face it but i'll go next monday i promise. Thanks again i know with all the support on here i'll get far . Much loves xxxxx


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Well Hun if you're gonna go off the wagon you might as well go in style...... mind you, mine would be all chocolate draw a line and start afresh whats done is done life has these emotional ups and downs its ok to slip up once in a while. good luck.
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We all have horrid weeks and yours is a bad week but at least you know what you have had and admit to it and want to get back on track
You are doing all the right things so stay strong and carry on with your plans

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