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Just wondering wot you all take off ..when you go for weigh in ?
We have one lady at our group she strips down to her little strappy top and leggings and even takes her socks off and her hair clip thingy :8855::8855:
Its so funny , but it works for her.
We all watch her LOL
I just take my shoes and coat/cardigan off... you?
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i always get weighed in my jammies!!

would have carried on at group to (if i was going) cos it was across the street!!


I ate my willpower!
I wear the same things each week. A pair of leggings and a light top. I take off my Uggs and coat, that's it! I am the WI lady and I have people that walk to the group and they are wrapped up like a polar bear. It usually takes them about 10 mins to get the layers off!
I weigh myself at home first thing in the morning before getting dressed so there's nowt to strip off :D
I weigh in starkers - in the privacy of my own home lol!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Wear the same things every week. Just kick off the shoes and take my coat off.
Ilt's a good job dieters are well known to be neurotic like that getting everything off that you can for a WI. It would look perculiar to an outsider that people were wearing the same things every week, would think the meetings were making you too poor to buy new gear lol
I take off my coat and jumper - shoes depends on if I'm in crocs (weigh nothing much) or more likely my great big clodhopping walking boots which I think weigh at least half a pound each, if not more! Of course, the crocs would be easier to take off than the lace up boots...

I also put my walking stick down, as I think the temptation would be too great to bear down on it a bit and take some of the weight off my feet!! ;)

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