wots santa gonna bring you this year


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i would like an ipod connector for my car so that i can have hundreds of tunes at my fingertips instead of having to keep making cd's. (i am quite lucky as my birthday is dec 1st so i get xmas and bday combined pressie.:D
Also to be 1.5 stone light would be nice too;)
Wot do u want santa to bring this year?
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My hubby has said that if I get to a size 12 by Christmas he will give a huge amount of cash to spend in Monsoon. I've already seen a coat in there that I love - I tried on the size 10 as it was the largest on the rail at the time and although the buttons didn't meet, I could get it on and it looked wonderful - so there is hope!


I STILL mean it!
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I would like a bike. Not a mountain bike, a real ladies bike like I've just seen in Amsterdam.
Ann xxx


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Ann, that's my ideal pressie too. Told my OH that I wanted a bike for xmas as I think in maybe a stone or so down I will be able to ride it without being too embarrassed. Would like some gentle exercise other than walking. No, I don't want a mountain bike either. Just a traditional ladies bike !


I want a Marriage proposal.............thats not gona happen lol

So id like a healthy happy new year for all my loved ones and everyone on here.
For me a size 12 xx



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This is a difficult one for me:rolleyes: My Birthday is on the 23rd so I tend to get combined pressies to cover both Birthday and Christmas....I would like to be down to a size 14 and I would like a cross-trainer to help keep me trim, I'd also like a necklace as up to now my neck has been so big and thick I have never found a necklace to suit me:( Hope Santa brings everyone their wishes:)


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I would like some proper rollerboots, with rubber wheels!!


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Hi can i really do this.

I got some roller blades in the summer to go out with my kids, did a few times but wasnt overly impressed. I can get going and turn corners but i cant stop.....see my problem?:D :D :D :D :D :D The stoppers (as i call them ) were on the back....i mean whats that all about? I wanted to go skating along the seafront but it never happened, i was gutted.
BRING BACK ROLLERBOOTS FORM THE 80S i say, they are now called quad boots and near me i cant find any in a retail outlet. loads online but then you cant try them can you?
Back last year when i didnt want them Filarinskis had them, now they dont stock them anymore, apparently they werent popular enough!!

If you find any retailing outlets lease let me know and HAPPY SKATING.


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Hiya Lyn, What size are you, I have a pair of quads in a 6 for sale, they were on ebay but it looks like the buyer is a non payer, I havent heard a bean since he bought, if he doesnt pay then you are more than welcome to buy them.

I stop by lifting the front of my foot to press the back down and stop slowly!!! Or crash into a wall if need be lol!!!

PM me if you want to know about the boots. My husband is a quad skater, but Im a blade girl!!! I never thought I would be, hence buying the quads but I am much better on blades. I think its really what you have confidence in tbh, and if quads work then go for it!!! I dont know of any outlet that sell quads, i love mine but I have more fun on Blades, hence selling the quads to try and save up for some quality blades,

I wouldnt have dreamed of doing anything like this b4 I lost the weight, but now, every friday, boogying in the local roller disco!!!! Just wish I had a sea front too, but I live on a hill!!!

Or we could do a swap if the blades are rubber wheels, have to be rubber for grip! let me know x


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Awwwwwwww......such funny things people want!! yey!!

I could pretty much agree with every one of you! Being slim, skates, dehydrators...already have an electric blanket, marriage proposal....lol...me thinks not for me, i pod stuff....already have a bike (poor thing is now all spidery in the shed) Fitness stuff....I have the gym which I have abandoned for the moment! whoops!

But for Christmas what I would like is 5lbs of fat. Not on me.......but just a huge clump of replicated fat that I can show people...they are darn pesky expensive thingies....maybe I'll make it a christmas pressie to me from me?? :) GIMMIE 5LBS OF FAT SANTA!!! PLEEEEEEEASE??!:D


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Smaller clothes! Actually my hubby and I aren't doing Christmas this year, we're going to book a city break (without kids!!!) late Feb or so. I am getting a trip to London for a night out with friends from the little'uns though :)


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Some bloch dance sneakers and a healthy BMI so that I can use them!