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would it really matter


is getting better at it
hello all,
after finding out the other week that philidelphia cheese type spread is not a healthy extra a i am finding it a bit difficult as what to have on my crispbreads and things, i dont like the taste of the laughing cows or the dairyleas and quark would it really make any difference if i have the soft cheese instead
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How about cottage cheese, if it's a red day or extra easy have you tried putting ham or pineapple or tomatoes with laughing cow to make it more to your taste? Just a thought


is getting better at it
no dont like cottage cheese either:(
i tried adding some pineapple to the laughing cows last night but they just seem to stick in my mouth and make my teeth feel all furry :p
thanks anyway
Sainsburys BGTY egg mayo sandwich filler is free, apparently!
Is it the taste or texture of cottage cheese? If it's just texture how about blitzing it in a blender? failing that how about 2 babybels grated and then putting them under the grill for a min or so to melt? Am assuming you have access to a grill of course....duh....

If you are on red or extra easy you could blend up some quark and tuna to make a pate?
Did you lose weight last week?

If you lost then maybe you could get away with it.

Is it many syns, could you factor it into your diet that way?

I hate all cheese and wouldn't force myself to eat something I didn't like just cause I'm on a diet because the "diet" is not gonna last very long.
I'm sure our C mentioned last night that one of the low fat philidelphia ones could be had as an HE but was gosspiing at the time so cant remember which one :eek:
Alternative HEX A...........
2 boursin cheese and herb portions (from a 6 pack)
85g of primula (6% fat one)
4 sainsburys cheese triangles
4 aldi reduced fat triangles

although I knid of agree with Dumpylump, if you were losing while using Philly then carry on. To be cautious you could ensure your portion has no more than 120 cals (HEX As are all under this).

Don't think the Sainsbury's bgty egg mayo is free any longer. I bought it after the thread about it and they had updated the website, don't have the password so can't check what it actually is syn wise, but I'm sure its probably quite low.
I just checked on syns online on SW website and it says Philadelphia light all varieties is 57g for a HXB on green or EE, it doesn't seem to be listed as an A choice though.
I think if you have been losing weight ok then stick with it anyway, if you start to stick at least you know you can try cutting it out but I doubt it makes much difference really!


is getting better at it
thanks for the replies, sorry i have not answered sooner.
i think i am going to carry on with the cream cheese and syn it i dont have much left only 4 tubs lol. i dont like the taste and texture of the other ones
thanks again

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