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Would u mind casting your eyes over...

Hey peeps I'm just wondering wud it be ok for me to post a typical days eating for me and hear ur views on it? I'm still not up to scratch on counting things and tend to wing it and go by my hunger signals. The pattern seems to be that I loose for 4 days and stall for 3 then gain a little :-/ still a lose at the end of the week but very slow xx
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go for it! ;)
Thanku :)
Ok on week days when I'm rushing about getting the kids ready for school I grab a choc chip Daybreak bar (2.1carbs)
Then proper BREAKFAST at about 10am would be 2/3 rashers bacon, 1-2 boiled or fried eggs, 1 tomato (or 4 cherry plum tomatoes) handful of mushrooms fried in butter, and some Mayo
LUNCH bowl of mixed leaves, egg Mayo and ham (or coleslaw) with maybe some cucumber and handful of grated cheddar
SNACK on cold boiled egg or few slices of corned beef
DINNER 2 chicken thighs (or steak or chicken breast wrapped in bacon) with cooked veg such as cauliflower and broccoli or fried cabbage and leak
(or 3 egg omelette with mushroom, cheese, bacon and onion/spring onion)
SNACK bag of 70g pork crackles and a couple of coffees with double cream throughout the day.
I'm 5ft11 and just over 13stone and my appetite has always been generous lol although I must admit that protein and fat fills me more quickly and satisfies me (unless TOTM!)
Thanku for looking xx


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Your definitely not eating too much so keep going! How often do you have the bars? Try to limit stictly or find an alternative quick bfast (there's a post on here somewhere if search). Also you might want to reduce the tomatoes - i limit myself to 2 baby ones max once per day - they can be quite sweet

Keep going - no point looking at daily ups and downs - the weekly one is more accurate;)


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If you are doing the old plan then no to the tomatoes and is the coleslaw home made as some can be quite high x
Thanku yeah maybe i'll cut down on the tomatoes. Yes the coleslaw is usually home made from the Atkins cook book...but I have eaten it a couple of times whilst in restaurants :-/
can anybody guestimate how many carbs I am having in 1 day? Xx
I'm actually useless at counting carbs and have no idea what I consume in a day. As long as I stick to what's allowed and I tend to keep my veg green and leafy, then I don't focus on it. As has been said, the bars can be tricky - I had many failed attempts whilst using them, they just don't work for me at all and I'm raging cus I love them! lol. Cream can be a staller too, I've had to avoid it as well. The tomatoes too as you've addressed. Other than that it all looks sound. What about water? Are you drinking plenty?


This is for life
When i was on strict induction and absolutely sticking to induction list and amounts i didn't bother count. Once i moved to wanting to explore i started using myfitnesspal. I hate it but it really does keep me on the straight and narrow for carbs and lets me enjoy things like berries. It's amazing how they can sneak up or sometimes even not having enough. Same with calories - not worrying about them but if i eat and drink over 2000 for the whole week and dont exercise then i rarely get a loss so i like to know what's happening:)
what weight do you want to be?
and how old are you?
are you big boned?
you are tall like me (I'm big boned as) well and it does say in the Atkins book to be realistic
I always dream of being 11stone again, but that was when I was in my 20's. I am now 47 and know that is unrealistic. I went to that weight when I was around 32 and I got accused of being anorexic. I did look too thin for my age, and I did starve myself to get there.
These days I would be happy at 12 stone.

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