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Would you be a bit miffed at this?


Slimming for my children
This week i won slimmer of the week for the second time in 5 weeks. (well won slimmer of the month week 3)

Anyway I have lost 16lbs in 5 weeks and i kind of get my consultant is a bit annoyed at me for doing so well?
Basically when she announced i had got my 1st stone I said yea i am really pleased i have actually lost 16lbs in 5 weeks and she said yea i know but we are talking about your stone now! wtf!!!

Then when i got awarded my sotw she said and Lorraine has won sotw, "name" would have won it but shes gone home.

It keeps playing on my mind as i just think it made me feel a bit deflated?

What would you think?
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I would feel a bit miffed about that to say the least! I don't go to a group, but I would have though a consultant ought to be supportive of all weight losses. Both you, and your consultant, should be sooo proud of a 16lb loss in 5 weeks, that's truly excellent!! :)

If I was you I'd have a word with your consultant and tell her that her comments made you feel very deflated. Feeling deflated and down is only one step away from slipping up and going off plan - surely she could see that? Definitely have a word hun and tell her how you feel. Maybe she dodn't realise how her comments came across. If she keeps doing it though even after you've spoken to her, I personally would consider going to another group.

Big hugs hun, and congratulations on a fabulous weight loss!! :D

Sian xxx
Maybe she felt obliged to mention the other person but she doesn't sound very nice or encouraging.Maybe she has her own problems but it isn't helping you. You are doing brilliantly somhead up and ignore her.I left class cos mine had just graduated from Little britain.We all appreciate you so s*d her.:girlpower::gen126:
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Is this just her style in general or was she maybe having an off day? it obviously its still unnacceptable but i suspect maybe she is having difficulty with her own losses and is a bit jelous maybe.

If anything my C would have been bigging you up even more for doing so well in such a short space of time, and never would she have said ' oh shes gone home so it goes to.. ' pre- electronic scales.. the sticker went to whoever was slimmer of the week, but if they'd gone home, the fruit basket went to whoever became slimmer of the week out of those who stayed to class, if that makes sence.. but it was never put down or less important.. always a round of a clap and she always brings a little bag for you to take the fruit home in!


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Try and enjoy your weight losses lovely and see how it goes with your consultant.
I was saying to my hubby last night that when I was bigger I got grief to lose weight and now I'm losing it I feel sometimes that I get grief and jealousy because of that.
try and rise above any of that but if there is more negative vibes from your C then that is wrong as she is there to support and encourage so that would have to be dealt with I'd say.
Congrats on your success so far though :D


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OMG my consultant is wonderful she would make a huge fuss she would say I'm awarding the stone award but its better than that because X has actualy lost 16lb in 5 weeks wow 5 weeks thats over 3lb a week so come on tell us your secret what do you do that we can all do?


Slimming for my children
thanks guys.
Glad i am not alone.
Just kind of feel i dont want to go next week in case i do well? I love the members there as they are really lovely but just not keen on her,.
Sometimes i dont even speak with her, well to be honest i think shes spoken to me twice! x


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I'd be very miffed and I wouldn't be wanting to go back. :( If you're professional, you don't bring your problems to work or let them show and there's always a way to say things so that she could include the person who had left in her announcement but still make you feel good. Personally, I would either talk to her about it (if you want to stay) or find another group where you feel welcome. ;)


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I would be miffed too. I agree with everything that has been said so far. I dunno what her problem is but as your consultant surely she should be pleased for you, not make you feel horrible.

I lost 14lb in 3 weeks and my consultant was more thrilled than me (if that possble! lol) which in turn made me feel really good and spurred me on to go away and carry on being 'good' lol

I would definitely have a quiet word with her if I were you, even though I absolutely hate confrontation.

Good luck xxx


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Just wanted to say congratulations on losing 16lbs that is absolutely fantastic, and just echo what others have said and have a quiet word, or even maybe email your consultant.

Could be she was having an off day but that doesn't excuse it in the least, she should leave any problems she may be having at the door not taking them out on class members.

If it is usual behaviour for her perhaps she doesn't realise the impact she is having?

Either way good luck next weigh in and if she is the same definitely try to find another class. Maybe let HQ know why you have changed class so that this c can get any additional help or training she needs.


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she doesnt sound like she is being the motivational and encouraging C she should be!

I am so upset that you are feeling that you dont want to lose a lot of weigh just based on her reaction. I would check around the area and find another class, and then tell your C how you feel. If you leave her class, she loses money - simple. I would also comment that you have been upset by her actions and comments, and that her role as a C is to be supportive, not making snidy remarks that are of course going to upset you.

I would even be thinking of speaking to someone at SW HO, as if she is like this with you - it doesnt give a good impression for the SW as a business. I know it sounds a bit drastic, but maybe you are not the first person she has behaved in this way to. I think its terrible she has made you feel bad for doing SO well over the last 5 weeks!!! (which i am totally jealous of - well done you!!!)

Speak to her first, and then see how you feel - perhaps she is jealous of your amazing losses, and therefore is behaving in the way she is! Stupid, but sometimes the green eyed monster comes out in us all!

Good luck - i hope it works out for you hun! xxx


is working hard.....
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I agree with all of the above - but would add do remember you are doing this for YOU and be proud!

Your weight loss is fab, you are succesfully breastfeeding your beautiful son, and you are achieving your goals!

Wear your shinies with pride! :) xx

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