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Green Days would you check my food for today please


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I'm a green girl and my comments would be:

Breakfast - As long as you are ok with using all your syns at breakfast then this is ok. However you can make a really nice free rice pudding by boiling up some pudding rice and mixing in a muller light vanilla.

Lunch is absolutely fine

Dinner - How did you cook the spag bol? If you used a jar sauce you will need to syn this. If you made the sauce yourself using free foods then there is no need to limit how much sauce you have.

Healthy Extras - You haven't used any so far today. You're milk in the coffees would have to be synned unless you used up the rest of the HEA throughout the day. Krisprolls and philly light would be good for your B choices, just make sure you weigh the philly out.

Hope this helps


Put the kettle on
I dont know if krisp rolls are a heb so not sure if you can have them. The philly light is an a on the website but you can also have as a b on green.

As said above what sauce did you have on your spag bol? If it was jarred its going to count as syns. Did you use mince in the sauce? This will need to come out of heb or syns also unless it was quorn of course!

Just generally you dont mention much fruit and veg. The one third superfree doesnt seem to be as much of a rule on red/green but it is still worth having plenty to naturally limit your portions and just to be healthier

Oh and did you measure out your 250ml milk?
3 Pagen Krisprolls count as a heb on green.

I would add that coke and coffee will dehydrate you. You need to be hydrated for your metabolism to tick over well. I would suggest some water and/or no added sugar squash.
Ah thanks for replying.
Made the sauce myself ,tomatoes herbs etc and a about 1oogrms of extra lean mince[only had maybe 2 tablespoons of it]thought it could be hex b

yep did measure out milk so hex a?

had krisprolls with philly light -1/2 teaspoon on each with marmite-hex a and b?

And then 2 bananas ,some grapes and a fat free yoghurt

All ok?

as you can tell from username am in mideast so cannot go to meetings -so am following from here and memory!!
so all help appreciated

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