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    Hello All
    I am new to this. I have lost 21 lb since January, by healthy eating. I cant shift this last stone and i have been to see the LLL councilor last week who talked me through the plan. I am meant to be going back tomorrow to start, buy the packs etc. The thing is I'm really apprehensive as i sooo want to lose this last stone but I'm worried that i'll dish out all this money to do it then not be able to stick to it. I've been reading the forums here and i just wondered what to expect. Is is really hard everyday or does it get better? If so when? I am hoping that i'll lose my appetite then it will be ok, but it must be hard at first. Do you think i could lose a stone in a month? Also i am a very private dieter, ie, ill find it hard to admit what i'm doing so is it hard if you go for lunch with friends etc. Thanks for any replies, i'm due to start the lighter life lite.
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    Hi OM and welcome - well done on your losses so far!

    I did LL, not LLL and on LL you do lose a stone a month. But is seems reasonable.

    I think with any abstinanace diet, the first few days are the hardest, but you should soon find your groove. A stone is not that much, you should be able to adap easily enough and knock that bugger on its head. :D

    As you can have one meal a day on LLL, you could use that on the days to have lunch with friends.

    I am sure you will get more sage advise from those actually on LLL - I just wanted to say hi, welcome and good luck. :)

  4. Only me

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    Thank you for your response. I think I'll give it a go,I can be quite determind when I set my mind to something and this seems easy, (although maybe boring) to follow. I would love to hear from anyone else if they wouldn't mind sharing their experiences, especially of the first week, with me. Also I am hoping for a stone, is that reasonable in a month on LL lite? Thank you!
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    Hi only me - i don't have much more than a stone to loose. I'm doing LLL and it's OK. I haven't been much good with other diets. I don't feel hungry. Some mornings if I'm working at home, and not in the office I wonder about getting through another day, but once lunch time comes there's no problem. I've found the flavour for water a big help - drinking a lot more was a chore, but after buying the flavoured water I feel better about it. The cost is also another incentive to keep going. That's how I find it.. mumbles
  6. Only me

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    Thanks for getting back to me,I went to the group today at joined. Everyone seemed really nice and friendly and above everything else very positive which was very inspiring for me. Watch this space, I'm hoping for big changes, albeit i am very worried about the hunger :(
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    You will be fine

    I found the first week awful, then after that I was fine.
    I have now lost a stone and it took me under four weeks. It will fly by.
    All the best and good luck.
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