WOW!!!! An old fashioned sit-up! Inspired!!

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:eek:Huh!? Who'd 'ave thunk it. I just did two sets up old fahioned sit-ups. Straight legs, laying free on the floor without anything weighing down my feet, arms straigt, extended above my head-not folded and supporting my neck.

And oh-my-GOD! I did not just ONE sit-up which was all I hopefully expected - but I did TWO SETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20 of the buggars!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

hehe - I am truly amazed. It's no secret that I HATE exercise. Or strongly dislike it. I did HATE it when I was 20 stone - it was painful, awkward, humiliating, etc. SO I really DID hate it. I suppose now I strongly dis-like it.

BUt I am so shocked, and rather pleased that I did this!! Maybe it will inspire me to get more into it, again.

While on a roll, I tried push ups too! and managed - just - three, and I did three arm-pushup things - (arms on the sofa - scooted out and lowered and raised myself) three times!!!

Holy cow!

hehe Just on a whim, to see what, if anything I could do - and I have done things I have been unable to do for over 20 years!!!

Lordy lordy - just goes to show - the benefits, and rewards and surprises continue even after hitting goal!!

JUst can't wait to see whats next - they just keep getting better and better!!

Stick with it everyone! It is SOOOOOOOOOO worth it!!!!!!!
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Do a little dance!
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Well done!!


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careful now, you'll get addicted to exercise if you start enjoying it!
I know what you mean about hating it when you were 20 stone. Really painful too although I never felt any humiliation in going to the gym at my biggest. At least I was giving it a go!
Thing for me now though is because of my back, exercise is still really painful. But I have to do it to stop me from being in HUGE amounts of pain. But I love it. Love going to the gym. And love not being out of breath just from getting up off the sofa!
Well done on the sit ups. You'll have abs of steel in no time (i'm sure mine are somewhere under all my spare skin!!!)


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That made me smile I'm still a non gym goer can't imagine that changing tried 1 once (shudder at the memory)