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..how glad am i that i came across this forum?!!

I am on day 5 of LT and am having a really difficult day! I had an awful nights sleep, having nightmares and waking up all the time.. i don't know if it was the diet or not but it has made me feel crap and crave food all day today!

But i will not give in!!

I need to lose 5 stone all together but i am only going to stay on LT for 4 weeks..then my refeed week to take me to week 5 and then i am going to go on to WW or SF to try and lose the rest.. i don't think i could cope for much longer than 4 weeks on LT... i think all of u that can are fantastic!!:)

Does anybody think that this is a bad/good idea?

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Welcome Kelly88 to MiniMins!

You have done well to get to day 5 of Lipotrim and it should begin to get that bit easier.

Stick with your plan for now and when it gets nearer to your goal you can have another think about it then.

Good luck on your weight loss journey.

Here is a link to help you make your way around.


If you need any help please ask:)
Hiya Kelly!

I just joined the forum yesterday and agree it's magic!

I too am taking it week by week, I've told myself that I'll do LT for 2 weeks for definite. I'd like to stretch it to 3 weeks and probably will. Beyond that i'm thinking that I'll see how I'm doing as to whether I continue longer term. All depends how good the results are and how I'm able to stick to it.

Tell you what though, yesterday was my first day, and I had some weird dreams last night... not nightmares but real anxiety dreams where stressful things are happening and I can't control them. I do have issues with anxiety and control, and I'm wondering if it's somehow linked to the fact that I'm trying (through LT) to take control of myself... :confused:

Good luck with your journey, keep us updated! :)

Hey Kelly!
I'm on my second week now, and I know how tough the first week is!
But if you can get through that, believe me it gets so much easier! I had a few headaches in the first few days but upped my water intake to 3-4 litres and the headaches have gone! so get plenty of water! Good luck and keep going as when you hit ketosis its alot easier! I agree with Mini.. i'd decide what you want to do a bit closer to the time as you could find this dietreally easy and stay on it for much longer!
Keep us all posted on how you get on :)
And you're right the ppl on here are great and give you brilliant support!
Hi Kelly,

this place is a lifeline- you'll find the support amazing. I did 9 weeks first time round...and actually found it easier as each week passed. You might think you'll just do it for four weeks, but when you see how the weight drops off I'll bet you'll stay on longer!! It becomes addictive!! I'm on day 4 (2nd time round) and can totally relate to the feeling miserable- but just think, in a few days you'll be having your first weigh in and I et you'll have lost a LOT!

Chin up hun xxx


Doing it exante style :)
Welcome :)

I found this forum a massive help over the first week, infact im just going into week 3 and now minimins is a regular boost for me.
The people on here are great and give loads o support and kick your ass when you feel like giving in :)
Make sure you come on daily (i log in about 20 times a day lol) and good luck on your journey.

Clair xx
Thanks everyone!

What great support you all are... i honestly feel tons better already knowing other people are going through the same thing as me and we can support each other along the way!

Yeah i think that's the best thing to do... just see how it goes and take it from there! I cant wait to get weighed in 2 days and see how i have done because i definitely cannot say it has been easy!!

The problem for me is not so much the food or feeling hungry but i just don't feel like myself.. i am missing out on all social events and my partner (although he is totally behind me) keeps telling me how snappy and moody i am all the time and i keep crying for no reason! I am determined though... i just hope it gets better after my first week??



Back on the diet train...
hey hun welcome to the forum!!!! like the others have sed this place is a diet saver!!!:p

pop on here if u need advice, a chat or a moan. no 1 is judgemental an the great thing is sum1 will no how u feelin. :)

like mini sed see how u feel wen u near ur target. im on wk 5 now an never thought i wud last this long but im takin it day by day an im lovin it!! :D

thats not 2 say u wnt av bad days just like on any diet but av sum distractions ready hun. ive ad a few an i pamper myself 2 take my mind off it, i used to turn 2 food wen i ad a bad/difficult day yet now i cant. :rolleyes:

good luck hun, let us no how u get on!!


Welcome Kelly and good luck on your weight loss journey - whichever way you decide to do it. I have a hell of a lot to lose so I know I'll be on it for a long time so I can't really advise about coming off it after a month! But we're all here to support you no matter what you decide - as long as the pounds are coming off it doesn't matter how you do it! Remember - you're going to be a skinny minnie! xxx


Doing it exante style :)
Hey Kelly, i was really snappy, moody and teary my first week too. I was in bed at 6pm and cryed till about 8pm bless me. After ketosis kicked in the tears stopped but cant say the snapping has tho, but my fellas just told me ive always been like that so i dont think its owt to do with my diet lol (cheeky sod he is)

Coming on here always cheers me up and gets me in the LT mood :) x

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