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remeber i bought the size 12 three quarter length jeans for my holidays well i thought id try tem on to get an idea of what id need to lose to get into them and i already can lol granted i need to get rid of the stomach thats spilling over haha BUT i got them on no bother! They must be big made.
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Thats good Emily! I see you got your rowing machine, keep rowing away and that muffin top will be gone in no time!


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lol at muffin top!! thats a perfect description! planning to do it every night and just build my time up as i go hopefully i will have a good loss this week if i stick to it.


WoW thats real quick,bet you feel great another 2 weeks Mr Muffin will be well cooked and gone forever :D
I love that when we get in the next size down xx


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Arrr well done hun! I bet you feel great......oh to be in a size 12!


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lol yeah but i feel like im cheating because they are a big made size 12, not a new look size 12 or a anywhere else size 12 lol


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Well done Emily! Great insentive new clothes and I'm sure the muffin top will be gone before you know it! x


Im Meellttinngg!! :)
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Grats on getting into them..

I have a muffin top too, but i think my bakers stuffed the whole load of mixture into my muffin case lol