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Woweee this is hard!


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Hi folks!

I hope you are all doing well on LT since new year.

I have found it so hard, I was determined to start yesterday, had my shake at breakfast then by lunch I was out munching La Tasca! Today I mixed my shake, couldn't stomach it so had nothing until tea time when had a huge chicken butty and 3 chocolate biscuits! Ooops!

Anyway, I am thinking, I have eaten so much since xmas, it may be an idea to reduce my food intake over this week and then attempt LT next week. Does anyone know if this approach works? I definitely want do this, and I will, I just need a way to get going x
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S: 17st4lb C: 15st8lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st10lb(9.92%)
Thanks Chan!

I think it's hard going from normal eating to no eating but going from massive xmas over eating to no eating is like torture! lol x
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Hi Batlo8!
You are sooo right cutting down this week and starting next week...it wont be as hard for you. I made the huge mistake of eating big dinners at the weekend and I am paying the price for it over the past few days....am dying.
You know you can do it....its just mind over matter. I felt like that on day one when I had my breakfast shake by lunchtime I was thinking sod it Ill have a sandwich. I am soooo happy now that I stuck with it and onto day 4 tomorrow.
Good luck X


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It's all in the mindset, prepare yourself the best way you feel will work for you and start then... You can do it :)


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I found I'd eaten so much over Xmas I couldn't face anymore so it was a good time to start!

I wish you loads of luck with it!! You can do it! :)


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C'mon Lois, you can do it. Dig deep hun :) xx


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You can do it Lois! If you really can't go 100% tfr from day 1 maybe try having breakfast and lunch shakes? Or cut out the carbs before you start? You may get into ketosis before you even start if you do it really carefully and you can still eat!


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If you want to prepare for LT then do it by getting into ketosis first, that's about the only practical thing you can do that will be of any help as it'll suppress your appetite a bit and get you over the carb crash. Just cutting back on regular food doesn't really help to be honest, you'll be living off shakes, nothing can prepare you for that.

Either go cold turkey and just do it or do atkins induction then start.

All of us here have done it, you can too, good luck!
;) hi l started tuesday,so its day 3 today,l cut down week before l started, l didnt loose anything but l have found the first 3 days not to bad at all so l think cutting out my fav foods last week helped, good luck xx:eek: ps only start of day 3 and lost 4lb already x


Doing it exante style :)
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Hiya Hun

I tryed to jump straight back into it but couldnt do it so i cut down and restarted Monday and im now on day 4 with no slip ups :) Although ive changed to Exante diet now as its loads nicer and loads cheaper.
Just checking in on my fellow Lipotrimmers :)

Good Luck hun, you know you can do it xx


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come on girlie..you know you can do this :) i can only repeat what the other wise ones have said. cut down and out on the carbs and anything high sugar and youll be well on your way. decide whats best for you as when you get on board you want to be 100 percent!...also this week and next week is the best time to start as there are so many newbies and restarters...:) come on hun you can do it :) x
It's hard either way a newby or a restarter. Whatever you decide.......this forum will defo support you! Good luck!
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How are you doing Lois? x x

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