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Hippety Hop!
Just bought some WW wraps - first ever try at using them.
Took one out of the freezer and put into the microwave as suggested on the pack for about 10seconds. It bubbled up like poppadom and then I used it to put some salad and cheese in.
Tasted b***** awful, like damp cardboard!
What did I do wrong? Anyone help me?
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I've not used the WW wraps I use the Warburtons and they're really nice!
You probably didn't do anything wrong, I'm not sure a lot of people like them they all seem to go for Wrrburtons


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The warburton wraps are lovely & freeze well too but I can't eat them as bread or bread type products stop my weight loss! :cry::cry::cry: xx


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You could try the Tesco seeded wraps, I love them and they're 4PP each, not much worse than the WW one's and they're bigger. BTW, I don't bother putting them into the microwave, just use them as they are.

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I didn't mind the WW ones but I didn't heat them- just ate them as they were and I thought they were fine? Still prefer the Warburtons square wraps though :D


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I've seen a couple of peeps on the forums here say they didn't like the ww wraps, said they were very dry, you didn't do anything wrong.
Iv had ww wraps and warbys square. Warbys square definately worth the extra point. I have warbys thins and ww pittas or ww bagels too. Out of all ww products the wraps r probably the worst :(

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i think ww wraps are fine, cant tell the diff between normal wrap and these apart frm thy are just thinner, i dont heat mine thou just have them out the packet.


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I tried the WW wraps and I found them not nice at all, seemed very dry than my usual ones I get. I just stick to the ones I get from Tesco, not been eating them a lot though as really enjoying the WW bagels at the moment
Thanks for that guys...
Such a nuisance as I just bought 3 packs of the WW ones....:sigh:
You could use them up by making things that need cooking, like quesedillas, and enchiladas, instead of having them as the "outside" of the meal, if that makes any sense at all. It does in my head...

I must admit, I prefer the Warburtons ones too. Or the seedy ones from Tescos, they are pretty good. :)


Anna here :D xxx
i like asda's own - boring i know ... their seeded ones are good too but not worked out the points for them as i've not had em xxx
I just made a wholewheat tortilla from asda, on esource it pointed it as 2pp but this seems quite low and I've read on here that it esource isn't always correct. Does anyone know if this is correct?

I didn't like the ww wraps either - I could actually see light through it. I prefer the warburtons ones as they're a bit thicker and more filling and for 1 pp extra, they're worth it. I don't like the ww pitta bread either, they just fell apart on trying to open up.
I tried looking for the thins today but couldn't find them. Are they normally in the bread aisle?

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