Written in 2002


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Hi i wrote this poem in 2002 i was 2 stone heavier thn my current weight .........


The only time i feel the guilt
Or loathe the way my body's built
Is on occasions very rare
I leave the comfort of my chair

To venture out among the crowds
Wearing clothes that resemble shrouds
Waddling around, breathing in
Desperately wishing i was thin

I promise myself 'i will lose this weight'
So next time i'll be looking great
So a week goes by i feel an urge
Its comes again an eating splurge

Another week the diets done
i forget all about having fun
i dream of takeaway all i can eat
i can see my stomach but not my feet

So embarrased i've become
that people laugh at my big fat bum
baggy trousers tent like shirts
don't stop those jibes, they really hurt

Wish me luck it's really tough
but i am sick of looking and feeling rough
I am out of breath i feel unfit
All this food makes me feel like sh*t

So now the time is finally here
to lay off sweets and crisps and beer
to slim it down lose that weight
till i am looking and feeling great .

I found this today clearing out some old letters made me realise that i have been a blimp for too long now . x
Love it - says it all!
Julie that is so fantastic, brilliant, well done!!!

Love Mini xxx
I read this earlier on today and found it so touching and honest that I had to come back to read it again....It's brilliant Julie! :D
Words from the heart that ring true with so many of us here.

Brilliant wordmanship, think it would be published.
Hiya Julie

What a lovely poem, really is so true for probably all of us on here!

thanks for posting it!!


Gen xx
I love the poem as it really spoke to me but what really hits home is your comments about the period of time you have felt like this :(
Thanks Gen and COAM,
I always seem to write poetry when i am feeling down i am a wallower my mum says lol!

I am amazed that so many of you identify with this poem i hope it hasn't bought anyone down !
Like it did me lol !

Thanks for all your lovely comments much appreciated xxx