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Wu-Yi Tea

Has anyone tried this?? I'm always skeptical about these kinda things but i wouldnt mind trying it if i works.

A few of my friends said they had some great results with some weightloss tea but i didnt ask which one it was at the time.

I dont think i'm going to proceed with using this tea for weightloss, but i'm just curious to if it really works. Sounds to good to be true though.

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Ha, I was just reading about Wu-Yi tea and searched for posts about it :)

Can't help, but would be interested to know if it works :)
I have found a few things on youtube about it, like people trying it out and making blogs. But not much info on it.

I need to ask my friends about the tea they used and see if its the same one.

Still thinking its too good to be true, lol.

Apparently it's just oolong tea, but much more expensive. :)

It has health benefits as far as I can work out, and might *aid* weightloss, but drinking 2 cups a day won't make you skinny if you keep eating what you normally eat! :)

Try your local Chinese shop, they'll probably have oolong tea. :)
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hello ive ordered mine hopefully will get it in a week i tried cd but couldnt do i was a big fat failure. so this will be my last try on diets
it is a scam, i opted into the "free" trial and got charged £40 for it, i drank the tea for a month, changed my diet gave up smokin etc n i put on half a stone instead of losing weight as it claims. when i contacted them they said it was impossible to put on weight with it n that i was being lazy. not very nice.
weight loss in gen

I don't believe in these faddy things. There is no concerete evidence that you lose weight & I simply believe that it's a figment of the imagination.

I have been prescribed Orlistat (Xenical) by the doctors & I am weighed every month at the doctors. I have been on the tablets for 3 month & have lost just over 1 stone.

I haven't really changed much exept I try not to eat as much fatty foods. If I think there may be a trace of fat in what I eat, then I have one of the tablets. It's amazinghow much fat you actually find in foods that advertise not to have that much fat in them.


needs to get out more!
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There is actually medical evidence & research that shows (in China and in the West - 1 was carried out by the house of lords) that Green tea is good for you for reducing chances of cancer, arthritis etc. but as for weight loss, I dont know. When I first arrived in China I drank a lot of Longjing green tea (as I do now) and lost a lot of weight, when I didnt drink as much my weight loss slowed down, now I am drinking more again, my weight loss has picked up, BUT I think its more to do with other factors as well rather than just the tea.

You are better off going to China town (or order over the internet) and getting something like Xihu Longjing tea if you are interested in the health benefits of teas.

Anyway, a chinese friend pointed me in the direct of this website - its interesting.
Amazing Green Tea - Want To Discover Your Next Great Tea?

Hope that helps.


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