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WW ready meals ??


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Macaroni cheese is lovely and the sausage and swede mash is great if a little filling. Fish pie is nice and some of the WW puds are very tasty :D
My favorite is the chicken hotpot I love the taste of the sauce and usually have this for a lunch, a lot of WW meals and puds 5 for £5 in asda at the moment,


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I actaully don't mind them. I love the chicken curry, the lasagne's not too bad, love the sweet chilli chicken! Got the chilled macaroni to try tonight. But i always bulk them up with veg..x
I think they're all quite nice, but rather small. The macaroni and cheese is one of the most satisfying because it's not that small and is very creamy. I like the sweet and sour chicken, but it's so small! The lasagnes are quite good, because it's the kind of thing that you would serve with something else anyway, like a salad.

I tend to find that Tesco Light Choices and Marks and Spencers' Count on Us meals are better than WW meals - much bigger! M&S ones are particularly delicious.
Thank you all :) ive definatly stocked up on the currys and the puddings and the sweet chilli chicken, think i will venture out and try others from other ranges if they are less than WW, any one know if tesco's light choices are any good?

Yep, they're pretty good. They do some nice pastas and curries. They tend to be slightly higher in points than WW and M&S, but not by much, maybe a point or two. Another good thing is that Tesco calculates the points for you, it's on the back in a red circle.

Oh dear, I'm really exposing myself as someone who doesn't do much home cooking aren't I?!

I particularly like the WW Chicken Curry, the frozen one. It's ace for a quick "bugger can't be bothered to cook" dinner. The Red Thai Curry, is good too.... but not as good as the M&S COU green curry... Yes I like my thai's and my curry's...
The TLC chicken lasagne is a good one too, and the Spicy beef Pasta one is pretty good.


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WW - range - I love chicken hot pot and pot wedges with salomon.
Waitrose range - although £3.50 a pop they are to die for xxx


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I HAD SPINACH AND CHICKEN LASAGNE FOR LUNCH 6 POINTS BUT IT WAS AWESOME.. oops. i like the beef hotpot and the chicken and lemon risotto is gorgeous not so keen on the curry, the sweets are brill the cheesecake kills all my cravings.
i like th sausage and mash, the beef hotpot,the shepherds pie and the fish pie,usually have extra veg with them-do they still do the chilli beef crush-really likes that but not seen for ages ?

From tesco o absolutely love the lite choices moussaka
cheesecake is most excellent, definitely squashes sweet cravings....must try the risotto....the curry's aren't as good as you can make yourself but as a quick alternative theyr'e not too bad :D
is the risotto very lemony???? i bought one even though i am convinced i wont like it and have been to scared to try it yet.

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