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WW through the NHS


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Just wondered if many people have done the 12 wk course given free through your doctor? or does anyone in your class attend using the vouchers?

I'm currently doing SW but when i went to the doctors surgery for a routine blood test, the nurse gave me a leaflet for 12 wks free WW. Thing is i didn't ask for it and feel a bit of a cheapskate taking it, although i do fancy giving WW a go... Guess what i want to know is, will everyone know i'm attending via free vouchers when i go? and will people look down their nose at me? :eek:
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I don't have vouchers, nor have I noticed anyone at my meeting who has, but to be honest I don't take any notice of how anyone else pays, and I doubt anyone else does either. I'm quite sure no one will give a monkey's! If SW isn't working for you or if you just fancy a change, it might be worth giving it a go, at least if it's not for you, you won't have wasted any money. Nowt wrong with being frugal, doesn't make you a cheapskate :)
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The person who signs you in and gives you a card will know ur there for free cos u will have to give them the voucher but no one else should know and no one will care! Everyone's there for the same reason - to loose weight - and everyone is always very welcoming at ww anyway. Give it a go - if your not paying you have nothing to loose except lbs! :D


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do it!! i would jump at the chance of 12 weeks for free, might go and see my doctor!! :D
For me i would use them if i was unable to afford to pay to go to class but i wouldn't use them if i could pay the class fee. That's just me though, your nurse has give you them and its your choice what you do. I wouldn't not use them because someone might look down their nose at you.


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I would use them. I wouldnt care what anyone thought.


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To my way of thinking, this a medical prescription, not a handout. WW is all about confidentiality. The scales are hidden from the other members so nobody knows how you've done unless you do a Dance of Joy, and they'll be happy to have you as a member regardless of how you pay. ( Unless you're in front of me and insist that you pay in pennies. :mad::mad:)
I'd use them! Who cares what the person that signs you in thinks, they won't judge you anyway! The money you're saving on it can go towards your fabulous new smaller sized clothes!


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I would use them as well hun and the nurse wouldn't have given it to you unless she thought you might use them. I follow the plan online but I did attend a class for a while before and everything was confidential, I wouldn't imagine anyone would know..even if they did I wouldn't care, I'd use them anyway :) good luck with the plan if you decide to follow it
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Id use them. I suffered from a problem with my ligaments and tendons in my feet for almost 3 years and kept getting told that "losing weight will help" but when I asked about the vouchers was told that I didnt qualify.

Went doctors again the other week about another unrelated problem but whilst I was there had a height, weight and blood pressure check...got offered them this time (even though I had already mentioned that I go to WW and had been doing for 2 months) I declined them though coz I like the fact that i'm doing this for MYSELF, not coz a doctor is making me!
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I use to have them and infact people were usually inspired to go to their doctor to get ww for free instead of thinking you are getting a handout. its a good thing and i would use them too!
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Nobody except the helper has to know that you're going for free, and like others have said, I think generally at WW meetings you will find a bunch of totally unjudgemental people.
I know a lot of people do it but I personally can't do it alone, I need the meetings, and if I could get 12 weeks for free (whether I could afford it or not to be honest) I would jump at it. It's not like you're stopping other people going by going yourself- if you don't use those vouchers, nobody else will! Go for it and good luck :)


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I WANT SOME! :D haha i'd wave them in peoples faces! hehe Free WW woooo! :) be proud of the vouchers hun you'll be surprised at how many people actually use em! and just think of all the free membership / starting vouchers they put in mags now a days! yours is just like that but for 12 weeks hehehehe good luck and get to it :) xxx
Thank you for all the positive comments.
I have decided that i am going to use the vouchers and try WW as i'm stuck in a bit of a rut with SW at the mo... I suppose the other stigma about the vouchers is that it's like possesing a ticket that says 'i'm officially fat' lol but i'm going to view them as a positive thing, without them i wouldn't be giving WW a go and i may decide it's the best thing i ever did and carry on going once the vouchers have run out.
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luv, I would think that if the other members would know, they would ask you who your doctor is so they can get them themselves. It's £5.99 a week if you don't do monthly pass, and it's £19.99 a month if you do. There are so many people who have stopped going to meetings with this recession, and a lot of online members have stopped paying because of it, just relying on their material and on the support of the message board.

besides, the helper or the leader won't care how you pay: probably the leader would get the money back from the NHS and the helper is helping for free and attends the meeting for free because of that, why should she care about how you pay for yours? I'm a gold member and don't pay, should I be ashamed for it ;)

Defo, go for it and enjoy WW!


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when i started w/w i had to do it by myself at home because i simply couldnt afford to pay, after loosing 2 1/2 stone and still 1 1/2 to go im beginning to wonder how i can carry on esp cause its changing so more people will have to go to class to get all the info. i would love to have free vouchers but i dont think my doc will give them to me now as i have lost weight already. but surely its working and he could see it as im doing good so far so the vouchers would help? what do u think? and go for it, i think anyone that is given free vouchers and doesnt use them is mad. good luck
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WW Vouchers

Imso, I have booked an appointment with the practice nurse at my doctors about ww vouchers and I am hoping to get them if my local pct has them. I know they have the sw ones so presume they have the ww ones aswell.

I do not give a monkey's who sees me with them if i get them or what anyone thinks because at the end of the day I will be going to ww for my health benefit and my self confidence.

If anyone in class as a problem or wants to look down their noses at me then that's their problem, it's probably just because they either won't have thought about it for themselves or are too embarrased to go to their GP surgery and enquire about them.

Go for it and in the process slap a great big smile on your face when you think not only of how much weight you will lose but if you put the money away that you would have spent attending class the wonderful bit of outfit shopping you can do for yourself at the end of the 12 weeks ! Thanks NHS
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People shouldn't knock the vouchers, when compared to the cost of treating people with weight problems the cost to the NHS is probably loads lower when you consider all the costs like wages,hospital running costs etc etc.

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