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WW vs SW


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hello there.
i done ww a few years back and lost a good 22lb... since then iv been back and forth

went start of the year when it all changed lost a bit and well now im prob heavier than i ever was

the new wheel thing and all that weighing out food irritates me so i was thinking of moving to SW

im trying to do research on it and get peoples opinions on what its like (at the mo im finding SW confusing)

so did u do SW and change to WW? if so why?
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I did SW (Extra Easy) with some success for 7 or 8 months last year and did really well. I enjoyed the diet and found it didn't take long to get used to the regime. But, I slowly got bored, even with all the free carbs, meat, veg and fruit and I really missed bread etc. I have only been on WW since Saturday so I am new to it and find it hard limiting my potatoes, pasta and rice but it feels good to be trying something new. I expect, I will eventually get bored and swap back, but that is fine as it will make sure I can be better at keeping it interesting if I always have the option to change. SW is a very good eating plan, but you can't ever get away with cheating. You need to be strict with yourself otherwise the weight loss stops. Because of that, I think that overall people seem to lose a little quicker with WW. Good luck!


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i've done both. started doing slimming world after xmas and i found it really hard, i was eating way too much carbs, spuds, spuds, spuds..and pasta and rice. i find with weight watchers i can have my treats and count them in to my points easily enough. slimming world doesn't really 'allow' for the treats, they amount to alot of syns which leaves you none for the weekends if you allow yourself some every day. saying that, i think that if i wasn't drinking an eating my weeklies at the weekends my weight loss would be much quicker. i am losing an average of a pound a week, last couple of weeks sts. ww may be slower but i find it less restrictive. :D


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thanks for your input iv decided to stick with weight watchers i cant wrap my head around red days green days and EE!

I have done both over the years and they are both good and both work. For me at the minute it's only down to the saturday morning class, I'd rather weigh on a saturday at WW so I can have my weeklies on that day and start fresh Sunday.

Saturday is the night I tend to overdo things.

I eat more or less the same things on WW as SW meal wise.

Brekkie - 2 ww brown bread, boiled egg, ketchup
snack - fruit
lunch - salad with meat and new pots and sweeet chilli sauce
snack - yogurt and fruit
dinner - normally meat/salmon with stemed veg and new potato's

The only thing that is a lot better with WW is the fact that you can eat what you want for your points. So if you are a snacker or like convenience foods WW is definately better. With SW you don't have much else apart from your mealy. 10-15 syns a day doesn't go far, I was using mine on sauces more than anything and maybe a curly wurly now and again.

Anyway I'll shut up now x x
Ive just gone back to ww after doing sw a few times, the main reasons I went back was I constantly felt bloated with all the carbs and got so sick of eggs and bacon! I know it works for alot of people but its definatly not for me.
I've done both SW and WW. Tried WW when I was 18 and it just didn't work for me. I decided to try SW when I was 20 and I lost over 5st I found it very easy to follow but I did find that it needed a lot more prep work. Now in my late(ish!) 20's Ive joined WW again and it is finally working for me. It just seems to fit better with my life now and not as restrictive as SW could be esp if eating out.

I think I'm like lots of people, switching between the two and never being quite sure which I prefer. I always start out really well on Slimming World, and I find it really easy so long as I can plan ahead and make sure I have time for preparing everything from scratch.

I find it a bit tedious after a while, though, and I do miss the flexibility of being able to eat packaged foods.


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Ditto!! I'm back to sw for the summer but when school starts I'll be ww again. It gives me a change of scene which has helped me stay on track. Every diet works if you stick at it- just depends on individual but I do find I cook more on sw x
thank you all for your responses... decided to resign up with WW even tho i have a gold card.. wanted a fresh start.. i was very much stick to what you know and i dont think i could of broke the point counting habit
I think its learning to identify what plan will suit your life better at the time you feel the need to do somthing about loosing weight- aslong as you commit to the descion you make i genuinly believe both plans work as-well as each other but have different qualities... for example when began loosing weight i went to slimmingworld, i wasnt working or at college.. so i had SO much spare time my day revolved around the food i was eating.. i had alot of time to prep and plan etc.. by the time i went to college and starting working i was in full swing of things i managed to continue sw and it fitted in just fine, i lost 4.5stone and maintained for well over a year before falling pregnant. I did have a few weeks on ww and whilst i lost, i didnt enjoy it as much and i found it hard.... now though.. i do not have the time to prep so much, i am out and about alot more and i get stuck when there arnt sw friendly options.. and im realising that ww is what i'l need to tackle my weight in the first 6 months after baby has been born as it'l be much easier. Granted i will have to get my head around point values and weighing.. but for that i will be able to not worry and point everything i eat and will ahve a whole new world of foods to try.... i will go back to slimmingworld eventually, as i think that will suit me when i go back to work.

good luck with your weight loss hun! sometimes you just need to shake it up a bit, try somthing new/different... sometimes it'l work wonders and others it'l make you realise you do prefer one to the other and youl go back to what you know best! :) xx