WW website grrrrrr


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i am following ww online and am getting extremely frustrated with the site, which keeps freezing or completely shuts down my computer :mad: obviously i need to get on regularly throughout the day to track my points so it's particularly annoying grrrr!

is anyone else doing ww online and having this problem?
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I had exactly the same problem when I did WW online.

Sometimes it was okay...others...well...drove me even barmier than I am now!


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I have just emailed them to complain about it, we are paying for this service after all! Am not normally a complaining type person but I really need to get on to calculate my points for today so I know what I can have for tea!! GRRRR again!


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If you need help with points perhaps we could lend a hand as so many of us have done WW down the years.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Mini, I am yet to get my full book on points (which I now realise was a huge mistake) so don't have points for choccie!

Any idea what the points are for (all standard sizes):

Milky Way
Mars Bar

I'm not going to have them all in one night by the way :)

Thanks guys - Joe


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Maltesers used to be 3.5 for normal pack ((my fav choccies :D )). Used to have a pack every day!! :p :p :p :p .

Am not sure about the others ..sure someone will know and post soon.

Deb x


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I found that a common problem when I tried WW at home (yes I really have tried ALL WW combinations lol) Got nowhere when I complained.... must try and find my points book :)


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Only 3.5 for Maltesers, yippee! How fab is that? Will defo be able to save that many if I know I can have them.

Ended up having a pack of Smarties today, didn't actually want them but got for child and she didn't eat so the inevitable happened...I've given myself 4.5 points for it hoping that will be enough...could kick myself thinking I could have Maltesers though!

Thanks for the info, really appreciated - Joe


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Milky Way Magic Stars small packet ...4 points
Milky Way mini from Pick 'n' mix...1 point
Milky Way small 26g...................2 points
Maltesers 37g......31/2 points
Mars Bar.....mini Mars Bar from Pick 'n' Mix....11/2 points
Mars Bar medium 65g....51/2 points
Mars Bar King 100g.........81/2 points
Smarties 2 rolls 1 point
Smarties, 3 rolls 1 or 1.5 or 2 depending on how you count -- it falls right on the line between 1 and 2.

Snickers medium 65g......7points
Snickers – 4 points (170 cal/10 fat/1 fiber)
Snickers *Snack Size* -- 2 bars -- 4 points
Snickers 4 miniatures pieces 3.9 points
Snickers Crunch 3 fun size bars 5.5 points
Snickers mini Pick 'n' Mix...11/2 points.

Twix -- snack size -- 1 cookie -- 2 points
Twix 3 miniatures pieces 3.6 points

Kit Kat - snack size - 2/2 piece bars - 6 points
Kit Kat 1 fun size bar 1.9 points
KitKat (both bars) *Snack Size* -- 2 points
Kraft Caramels -- 5 pieces -- 4 points

M&M Peanut -- fun size -- 1 packet -- 2 points
M&M Peanut 1 fun size bag 2.6 points
M&M Plain 1 fun size bag 2.3 points
Skittles 2 packs 3.3 points
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Starlight I was going to ask the same!

Thanks Mini, really really helpful...I'm happy to have smaller meals if I can get in a chocolate fix, even if it's every other day :)