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WW Wine

Yes but it's minging !! I have only tried the red as red is my favourite but i would rather use the extra points and have something that I actually enjoy. A whole bottle of the real think only works out to 18, me and hubby usually share a bottle at the weekend and I take the 9 out of my weeklies


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I'm probably unique in that I actually like the WW wine. The rose is quite nice, I find, but then we can't all like the same things. :p
One thing that bothers me is the price tag though. At £5 a bottle, I'd find that's a little more than I'd like to pay. Can get eight cans of cider for that!
I havent even seen this wine anywhere? anyone know if its available in Ireland? I'd give it a go but tend to enjoy the finer wines lol... so prob wont be to my taste!
Bolero I actually quite enjoyed it. I bought the white as it was only 4 quid in Asda as opposed to 5 for the Rose.

I will wait for the Rose to be on special and try that as Rose tends to be my fave.

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No asda in ROI, anyone know anywhere in the republic that has these wines maybe? I've never seen em!

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Only shops I've ever seen it in is Asda and Tesco and Morrisons.

I have seen a thread somewhere for Irish people so it may be worth doing a search and asking on there as they were discussing the best shops to buy ww products in, I think Dunnes was one of them but it may of just been ww food products, not sure.

If you're a fan of the finer wines then I wouldn't put yourself out as ww wine just tastes like slightly watered down wine, and I mean tap not soda lol. I drink it because I'll drink anything LOL.

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At our ww meetings in the North East England we get a leaflet showing which shops sells which products. It may be worth asking or contacting ww about one for where you live.

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