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x BrAnD nEw x

Hi all :)

My name is Kelly and I am 25. I am a mummy to a gorgeous 11 week old girl named Anna and I have just re-joined Weightwatchers for the last time.

I have battled with my weight all my life. From the age of 11 I have yo-yoed between chubby, ridiculously skinny and finally obese. I weighed in this week at 18 stone and I will never be that weight again.

I am loving the new ProPoints system and something has changed within me...I feel excited and motivated, and not obliged to lose this weight. Fat is what I have, not what I am, and it's up to me to lose it!

I have already stepped up the exercise, simply walking with the pram and doing my Zumba DVD.

I finally realise what this dieting lark is about I think...creating a brand new me...time to change and be healthy for me and my baby :) xx

Good luck to everyone...We Mean It This Time!!!
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Hello Kelly, first off congrats on the baby :) And good luck on the weight loss :)


I will be skinny!
Hi Kelly, welcome aboard :D good luck and congrats on the baby x x
Thanks guys!
at my first weigh in I lost 7.5lbs, which I am absolutely delighted with! This week has been a tough one emotionally and a lot of bad stuff happened, which is also why I am proud I didn't dive head first into a pizza!

I have found the pro points plan really easy to follow this week! The 49 weekly points really helped at the weekend when I went to a housewarming party...it was nice to feel in control.

Somehow I feel different this time than the 3 hundred times I have joined ww before...the realisation point for me is when I had to wear my fiancé's shirt to go into town as I had nothin that fitted me...I have never felt so unfeminine and unsexy in my whole life. Anyone else have a moment like this? Where enough is enough?

I know that motivation is almost always this strong in week one, and I know it's going to be tough ( I have a long way to go ) but I really really want to be me again.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the mahoosive post!

Kel xxx


Slimming down the aisle
Hi Kelly, we're the same age and started off around the same point. I was wondering whether you might like to buddy up and try to keep each other going a bit?


I'm on a mission!!!
Hi Kelly, welcome and well done on your week 1 loss!!
Hi guys thanks for all your comments :) put 1lb on this week! Gutted but I'm not giving up! Gonna be hard so close to Xmas but I don't care. We've just moved house as well so everything's still all over the place! How's everyone getting on? Xxxx
Hi guys, sorry not been on we've had a really tough few months including a few bereavements and my head has just not been in the game!

I have persevered with my WW meetings, however I have been up and down and have only lost 4.5lb in total :(

BUT!!! Operation summer body commences here. I've got to separate the issues in my life and realise that food and alcohol are not my friends!

Completed Day 1 of the 30 Day Shred today and I feel really positive :)

Hope everybody's ok xxx


You only live once.
Well done for getting back on track!
Youve just got to start today as a fresh and look forward and not backwards!
Just remember that your doing this to make yourself happy and having the wrong food and alcohol is basically torturing yourself, leading you further away from target and happyness! I know its harder to say than do but just keep positive about losing weight :)
Well done hun! Looking forward to seeing your progress x
Heylo :)

I STS this week, which I am chuffed with because I have really taken my eye off the ball. Luckily my leader is amazing and this week's talk has motivated me so much...I need to keep remembering why I'm doing this!

1) I want to be able to sit on the floor with Anna and play without feelin so uncomfortable. I want to be able to get up easily without rolling around like a weeble trying to hoist myself up.

2) I want to look forward to the pictures from this year's caravan holiday. It's Anna's first holiday and I want to cherish the memories and not focus on my fat bod.

3) I want to wear shorts.

4) I want to feel more energetic. I want to be able to run around after my baby once she's on the move and take her swimming.

5) I want to feel feminine again. At this weight I don't feel lady like at all. I hardly ever straighten my hair or wear make up any more because I feel so so unattractive. I want to wear pretty clothes that I CHOOSE not whatever clothes fit.

6) I want to shop from the front of the rail instead of going straight to the back for the biggest size.

I need to keep these thoughts in my head when I'm reaching for the pizza!! On that note, I have given up takeaways and vodka for lent so this should help my WW journey!

I was so made up to find a pair of pants to fit me in Evans the other day, black cords size 22 short (I'm only 5ft 4), reduced to 7 quid. I have been wearing a pair of jeans (ripped and frayed hem) and black jog pants (hole in the bum and leg and actually belong to my mum) on rotation for ages (how scruffy) so I was made up. Well today the bloody button popped off my new pants. Fuuuummminng! And determined.

On a brighter note Anna sat up all by herself today :) Cue tears from mummy.

Sorry for the essay!!

Much love xxx
Managed not to binge :) went to bed with my book and stuck to 38/38 of my dailies, no weeklies! woop.

Chilled out day today, just got to sort the bedroom ready for re-wiring monday...surely I'll gain some activity points sorting through all that washing :D xxx

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