X Factor


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Does anyone else watch this?

Who are your faves so far?

I am loving Leona!!!!
Somebody shoot the Michael Bolton lookalike!!!
I agree Gillian - he looks like he should be living in Royston Vasey and sounds horrendous! Wasn't he 'Ant-nee' on Brookside?
i know who got kicked out but who else was in the sing off please thanks
It was Dion and the Unconventionals - I was gutted to see them go tbh!

Ben to win!!!!!! (I don't care if he looks like Michael Bolton lol - that boy's got SOUL!)

can 't place dion but thanks anyway susan
I'm with you Issy and Mandy - love Ben - reminds me of Bo Bice of American Idol - he was lush:eek:

Also liking Nikkita and Robert:D

Me thinks Ashley is a bit of a diva - he has a 'pout' to rival Posh...lol:eek:

thanks isobel ...nikata sounds good as does Ben ....
Thought it was a shame that the unconventionals got knocked off. They were awesome singers.

I like Ben (the Michael Bolton lookalike;) ) Like his raspy voice....bit like Rod Stewart. Isn't RS going to be there next week? I thought I heard that.

Strictly speaking Ray should have gone on his performance last night. Sweetie that he is, he was waaaayyy out of tune.

It must be hard, and he was super nervous, but if people judged them on how well they sang, he should have been the first to go
I agree, he was way off Key, Im with Nikkita on this one so far, with Ben a close second, although no one floats my boat like andy last year yet!!!!
I love the X Factor and like alot of people I'm drawn into it every year but I still say that the best ever was the very first Pop Idol when Will Young won....nothing has ever matched that......well not for me anyway - Will is amazing:eek:
(I know Mandy will agree with me....;) )