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xconfusedx's atkins diary


I have lurked around here for a while and I did try the diet for about a month a little while ago.

I've been faffing around on a vlcd and other eating plans for the past 6/8 weeks.

I've decided I've had enough and I'm going to commit to atkins.

I had a crap day on friday but its the kick up the bum I needed. I was away for the day and it was very warm. I was waiting in the car for my OH and had the door open as the air con doesn't work. Some random woman told me I shouldn't be sitting in a hot car in my condition. I was confused so I said 'i'm sorry?' She asked me when my baby was due. I'm not pregnant and I've never had kids. I didn't know what to say :sigh:

So I have done a big legal shop and I'm starting tomorrow. I'll be grateful for any help I can get :eek:
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Aww confused, I really wish people would shut the hell up asking people this, there are so many this has happened to and people still don't learn.

You've got your shopping done so everything you need should be within easy reach. Any questions just ask we are a friendly bunch on here. Keep posting and chatting as I think it helps.

Enjoy a nice big Atkins brekky today x


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Hi confused welcome:)

Atkins is wonderful for tums - ive lost 9 inches so far and its definitely giving me more confidence. If you stick with the plan, dont cheat but do enjoy food, it will come off!

When i started i didnt think it was really possible but felt i had to try - now i am near first goal i KNOW it is doable and im going to set a more challenging one.

We're here to answer any questions
Good luck;)
Hi Cokes and Kat1e,

Thanks for the welcome :)

I have had bacon, eggs and some mushrooms for breakfast and it was very tasty!

Had a chicken mayo salad for lunch and have snacked on some cheese and left over chicken with mayo since.

I have steak mince and plan to have homemade burgers as I'll know whats in them carb wise. Virtually none. I'll have them with some more salad too.

Feeling much more positive today :D
Day 2

I'm feeling brave and have decided I'm not having any caffeine either, well not for the first 2/3 weeks at least!

More eggs and bacon for breakfast - yum!

Lunch will be ham and egg salad with mayo.

Dinner - steak with garlic butter and salad.

I have cheese to snack on if I'm hungry and a couple of hard boiled eggs.

I'm not feeling hungry at the moment but this might change when I'm back at work tomorrow!

On my 3rd pint of water and feeling quite good. Think I might go for a walk after lunch :)


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Well done, sounds good :)


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All looking good. You might want to have a few more fibre filled veg such as brocoli - salad not as good for keeping your insides moving;)
Hi LadyF, how are you feeling after the weekend? ;)

Hello Leanne, your comment cheered me up no end :D

Hi Kat1e, thanks for the tip! I might swap the salad for cauli or broccoli as suggested :)


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Hi Ransch :)

Day 3 - starting to feel more normal. The fuzziness in my head has almost gone :)

Breakfast was poached eggs and bacon, lunch was mixed salad leaves with chicken mayo, dinner will be roast chicken with broccoli. I've snacked on an ounce of cheese and some crispy bacon. 3L of water as well.

Didn't really miss my caffeine fix this morning so its a big step forward for me :)


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Well done on the caffiene - keep going!;)
Thanks Kat1e :)

I feel much better without caffeine. I'm sleeping better and I have more energy, which I find weird. I still have low level headache if I don't drink enough water and I'm only hungry if I wait over 4 hrs to eat.

I can honestly say I'm not really interested in food at the moment, maybe getting into ketosis? I went for a drink after work (water with ice for me) and managed to resist chips, chilli beef nachos and crisps. It wasn't even hard work!

I'm not trying to brag about it, I'm genuinely confused. I'd normally have eaten my fair share with 2/3 pints of diet coke. I'm not complaining.. long may it last :D


This is for life
Agree that i can now sit and look at crisps and chips etc and not eat them. I might want to but dont NEED to. Thank goodness for atkins:)
I'm actually quite excited about atkins. I feel a lot more comfortable than I have in a while - Not bloated and not hungry.

To be honest, it doesn't feel like a diet at all. I feel like this is how I should have been eating all along but I hadn't figured it out until now

Sorry if I sound all clappy happy and a bit mad :D I just never thought it would be so easy and I'd feel so good!

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