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  1. xena

    xena Full Member

    Hello all

    Tomorrow I am starting calorie counting so starting a diary to document my progress and keep me on track.
    Sick and tired of dieting, I only have 7 - 10 pounds to lose and it has been a lifelong struggle so far - I am just going to man up and get on with it!

    Aiming to have 80% 'clean' healthy homemade food, fruit and veggies, and 20% treats.

    Aiming to net 1200 calories but will eat back my exercise calories (or most of them at least) - otherwise I wouldn't do any!

    I am going to set myself little rewards along the way - the main thing I want is a heart rate monitor which I think should be my treat for getting below 10 stone.

    Here goes nothing (apart from the flab I hope!)
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  3. xena

    xena Full Member

    Just weighed in for my starting weight of
    10 stone 4.5 which is a miracle considering the junk I ate yesterday!
  4. Good luck, are you planning on exercising too (I am guessing so if you want to get a heart rate monitor)?

  5. xena

    xena Full Member

    I am - I've done my back in lately so I'm going to ease into it over the next couple of weeks. I have 2 kettlebells along with the kettlercise DVD, and turbofire which is a lot of fun and some Zumba DVDs which I can't seem to get into...anyway enough to keep me going! I'm going to start off with power walks down the canal though. My mini challenge this week is to get out of the house for half an hour each day (Tesco shopping doesn't count!) x
  6. xena

    xena Full Member

    2 hours of revision done for my exam next week - I have The Fear but I feel a lot better about it already! Aiming to do 8 hours over the weekend so a good start. Yay!
  7. xena

    xena Full Member

    I made a taco chicken chilli thing for tea and it was yummy and filling! Got plenty left for tomorrow and lunches next week. Done 3 hours of revision but not been feeling too well so instead of my power walk I had a nap, oops! Stayed within calories anyway and have got enough left for a little milkybar later ?

    Did a little Tesco shop and got bagels, pate, smoothie lollies, and a £6 voucher if I spend £40 next time...looks like I'll be making a shopping list ...

    I've got a good feeling about this!

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  8. xena

    xena Full Member

    I'm a daily weigher I know it bad.
    But down 1.6 pounds from yesterday! Wahoo :)
    Enjoyed my milkybar soo much :)
  9. Yay, well done you!

    I have to say your food from yesterday looks amazing :)

    I keep weighing daily too lol. I am exactly the same today as yesterday.

    What are you revising for? I always find it horrendous to avoid eating when doing activities like revising. Think it is a procrastination thing x
  10. xena

    xena Full Member

    I work full time but I'm doing accountancy training in my spare time, it's a drag and I teach myself, and work aren't even paying for it yet! Rant over...I should finish this year if I put my mind to it. Normally I'd have a bag of sweeties to get me through but I just try and drink lots of squash and tea instead :( have a sudden urge to clean the house as well...it does need it though!
  11. xena

    xena Full Member

    A good day today food-wise, not so much revision wise :S but the fear is dwindling, I think the exam will be ok (touch wood)
    A stomp around town window shopping for spring clothes earned me nearly 400 calories! Am not going to eat them all back but I did have a cheeky freddo :)
    tea will be same as last night the chicken chilli and then a del monte smoothie lolly.
    off to have a bath in my nice clean bathroom haha
  12. LOL, house cleaning must be another form of procrastination when you aren't able to eat :) At least your bathroom is sparkling!

    Glad to hear you are starting to feel prepared for the exam, just think it will all over soon.

  13. xena

    xena Full Member

    Thank you :)
    Still on track, weighed in same as yesterday.
    Just had 2 Oreos with a decaf coffee in front of corrie :)
    Should definitely be eating more proper food and less convenience but hey I'm a beginner ;) looking forward to trying a few new recipes when I have a bit more time at the weekend. For now it's exam city!
  14. xena

    xena Full Member

    Oh and I'm seriously thinking of doing a 100km charity walk in summer, I mentioned it in work today and I think there might be a couple of people that will do it with me, yay! Let the training commence!
  15. xena

    xena Full Member

    Still plodding along...lost another 0.2 of a pound, that's 1.8 so far since Saturday so not bad :)
  16. xena

    xena Full Member

    Down to 10 stone 2 today, started at 10 stone 4.5 :)
    Have told myself I can buy new hair extensions when I get under 10 stone so not far to go!
    fish and waffles in the oven and I had my fave prawn cocktail crisps at lunch with a salad - yum yum!
    Going to do a big Tesco shop today with my voucher - going to stock up on Quorn stuff as it does look good for not very many cals :)
  17. xena

    xena Full Member

    Fairly successful shopping trip:
    Quorn thingies
    Sugar free pop
    Special K porridge
    Salted caramel green tea
    Maoam stripes (30 cals each)
    A milkybar
    Reduced sugar beans
    Sugar free jelly pots
    Jacket potatoes
    Walkers pops

    My trolley looked like I was throwing a party for a 10 year old but haters gonna hate!
  18. xena

    xena Full Member

    Just weighed in at 10 stone 1.6 so nearly 3 pounds lost in 5 days! Yay!
  19. That is amazing, well done you. Just think you are nearly there! x
  20. xena

    xena Full Member

    Thanks so much :) I'm only 5.5 pounds away from my goal weight, then I'm going to focus on getting fit and eating healthier. I've been dieting for at least a decade and never got to a goal weight that I've set so I will need to have a new project to stop me putting the weight back on.

    Today's food:
    Special K porridge
    Rolo cookie (oops!)
    Bagel and soup
    Maoam stripe
    Walkers pops
    Jacket potato and beans

    Feel like I've eaten loads! Am going for a power walk to earn enough cals to make an Eton mess for my treat later :)
  21. xena

    xena Full Member

    Ugh it's the night before the dreaded exam and I've munched my way through quite a lot of rubbish :( still tomorrow is a new day and I will get right back on the wagon. Will be doing a fair bit of walking tomorrow which should help control the damage of today.

    It'll be a miracle if I pass but at least I can move onto the next one. I promise to revise this one much better!

    Aiming to end the day tomorrow 300 cals below target (with exercise). Determined to get under 10 stone soon!

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