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Xenical diary


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I thought i would do this as when i came online to research xenical i found it hard to find any info from people that had done it.

I think by writing this it may help others who are maybe thinking about taking it and also help me out.

I started xenical on 14th April 2009 weighing 20st 7lb, my heaviest. I have 2 young children 3yrs and 1yr so i really wanna make the most of them and i am now feeling the strain of being overweight not only on my physical health but my mental health too.

Day 1 of taking them i was feeling worried and anxious but i knew i had to do it, still wasnt sure what to eat but after speaking to people on here i discovered that by looking at labels i would learn alot.
I am only eating foods that have 5grams of fat or less per 100grams and not having any more than 15grams of fat for each meal.
I was pleased that i got through the first day with no nasty side effects as i had read so many horror stories.
(TMI BIT) - I have always done my number 2! in the mornings even before xenical so on day 2 i went as normal and everything seemed completly normal but i noticed there was alot of orange in it, so i thought it must be doing its job and in a weird way i felt good about it!
I am now on day 5 and have still not had any bad experiences, each morning i go i see the oil and fat in the toilet and it feels good to no its not in me!

I am having monthly weigh in sections at the doctors so wont be able to report on weight loss for a while yet but i am hoping by writing this i can help others aswell as myself.

I am already feeling really great and postive, today my husband and kids and a mcdonalds for lunch, i too had one but i chose the chicken salad baguette with no mayo or cheese in a brown roll, it was lovely and as i had taken my tablet i was not tempted to eat the kids left over chips or buger!! how good did that feel!!
I am not even snacking between meals as for some reason i dont feel the need to i am wondering if this is because i am now eating healthier meals that are filling me for longer?

I have this evening made myself a lovely chicken kebab for dinner! as its Saturday night i didnt wanna miss out on a takeaway so i made it myself! Really nice and so much healthier!!
I have also discovered there are a few WW frozen desserts that i can treat myself too and i have had one the last few nights after dinner which was lovely! Tonight i had one of those mullerlight yoghurts it was the vanilla flavour with chocolate srpinkles so really nice to taste some chocolate! i also dipped fresh strawberrys in it.

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Bouncing back
Hi Nat!
I just wanted to say that I think it's great that you're doing this!
Keep up the good work.



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Thankyou x


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still feeling good and positive and still no nasty side effects, i feel great today infact as i passed my driving test with only 2 faults! so i now have more freedom!!
anyway i said before that i will be getting weighed monthly at the doctors but i have decided i am gonna do a weekly weigh in too so as tomoroow will be a week since i started i will weigh myself tomorrow and update you!!


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Hiya weighed this morning same as i did last Tuesday morning and i have lost 4lb which i am very pleased with as its my TOTM!! and i haven't felt deprived all week and still dont! xx

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Well done Nat, a great loss for your first week. Continue onwards and downwards. x



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Thanks everyone, i am feeling really positive and happy actually, i am enjoying the new foods i am eating and i feel i am eating what i want without feeling left out.
My appetite has gone down not sure why, maybe cos i am not snacking between meals and when i eat meals i get full much quicker so my portion sizes have reduced.
I am now fitting in 2 litres of water a day if i feel hungry between meals i drink some and the hunger goes so i figure i was just thirsty!!
Had a good day today food wise, i found i wasn't thinking about food which is unusual for me!! I forgot to eat lunch!!
I had veggie omelette for breakfast with a lovely vanilla and chocolate muller yoghurt which i dipped fresh strawberrys in!!
For my late lunch i had a tuna salad sandwich on granary bread and i used extra light mayo in it, i then had a skinny cow chocolate ice cream, mmmmmm!!!
For dinner i had a weight watchers pizza it was lovely and i was so suprised at what i could eat! I used to be able to eat nearly half a pizza hut large pizza and the little weight watchers pizza i ate tonight filled me!! I then treated myself late on to a weight watchers frozen dessert.

Everything i ate was within my allowances in fact most of it was under.
Really makes me realise what junk i was loading into my body before!!


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I am dreading weighing myself tomorrow... i was ill at the beginning of the week with a sick bug so i avoided the tablets aswell as eating, i then introduced food again toast and stuff but didnt wanna take tablets till tummy was right, then my sisters wedding was on saturday and there was a sit down meal which had been booked and food ordered months ago before i started xenical so i was unable to change my meal.

I decided i wouldnt take the tablets for the day as didnt want any nasty accidents at the wedding, my lunch was steak with dauphinoise sp? potatoes and veg, the starter was prawn cocktail and dessert ice cream, i didnt eat much dessert though!

I am pretty sure i have gained but as i had the illness and the wedding i wont beat myself up too much about it, i do feel dissapointed in myself about the wedding food although there was not anything i could do, in the future now i am on xenical and changing my eating habits i will make the right food choices but at the time of picking the food i didnt care.

Today is a new day and i feel so good to be back on healthy eating i really want this to work and i no that if it doesnt the doctors may not precribe the tablets for me again and right now i need them to help train my mind into making the right choices.

On a good note though there was a chocolate fountain and buffet in the evening and i didnt touch it!!


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don't worry about the numbers hon. at least you will get an idea of what effect what you ate has on your weight. you may get a nice surprise :)

abz xx


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Thanks Abz, well i weighed in yesterday morning and i stayed the same, i am pleased with that atleast i didnt gain which is good, i feel so much better now and feel good eating all this healthy food! x


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Well the weather has been warm here for a few weeks now, i always dread summer cos i sweat loads anyway due to excess weight i guess. I dont like having my arms on show cos they are awful so i dont feel asthough i can wear summer tops so i always feel frumpy wearing black trousers and long sleeve top while everyone else is dressed in pretty colours and dresses.
So far this year though i have been wearing short sleeve tops with a shrug over which makes me feel better and more summery!!
Whilst it usually gets me down this year i dont feel so bad about it all cos i no i am working my way into those pretty summer clothes!!



Bouncing back
I would bet that as you continue to lose weight your confidence will grow. You'll be wearing those summery tops before you know it!!!


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Thanks silence i cannot wait!


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I have let myself down i feel very angry i skipped breakast yesterday as i had no food in suitable so i didnt take a tablet and cos i didnt have it in me i knew i could get away with eating crap and i had a crunchie and a burger king for lunch, i didnt take my tablet either cos i was afraid of the side effects, i no i am really silly and i need to get my butt in gear and get serious cos i no the doctor wont re-prescribe if i dont loose.
I just dont understand why i let myself down when i knew what i was doing.
I guess it will show on the scales tomorrow morning too


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we all have days like this hon. next time you want to do it, remember how it made you feel this time. just get back on track this morning and move on from here. don't get into the cycle of feeling bad, eating to feel better, feeling worse.

abz xx
Dear Nat,

It has been great reading your diary. I am about to begin Xenical and like you feel very anxious about starting, but I am feeling positive and looking forward to seeing the weight drop off. I have about 2.5 stones to loose, but last weighed myself 3 weeks ago and have been watching what I eat since then. I may try and find some scales today to get a weight before begining Xenical. I look forward to hearing more about your journey. Thanks x

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