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  1. Kittywhite

    Kittywhite is smiling :D

    Here I am back again, & with a new diet. I keep trying. I've done WW about 4 times, SW before that, then a low carb diet and Slimfast...... AND NOW ...*drumroll* :D XLS Medical, I was seduced by the adverts.
    I took the first pills last night after my dinner. I could definitely feel it working. I think my gut was a bit sensitive. Had a normal result this morning though I did feel a bit windy lol
    I didnt have breakfast, had an appointment at 9am so had lunch at 12pm and took another 2 pills, no problems. Though did need the loo at around 3pm, everything was normal apart from the fact I've been twice today. I think its working but I'll have to wait and see on the scales at the end of the week.
    It does cut your appetite which is a nice bonus.
    I'm loosely following a 1400 cal diet as I have such a lot to lose. I'm trying to be relaxed about it all.
    I've been searching the web for XLS to see how others are doing with it but theres not much out there so I figured I need to put out my experiences with it, maybe help other people who fancy a go with it.
    My plan is to update the thread as I go along.
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  3. Kittywhite

    Kittywhite is smiling :D

    2nd full day on the plan there's nothing to report. No visit to the loo today, which surprises me, I thought I'd be going at least once every day. After the inital slight discomfit, now I feel nothing at all. Can't tell I'm taking anything.

    It does make me feel full and I have no cravings, (says it will do this in the leaflet) I'm not eating snacks at the moment, just having lunch and dinner (I'm not a breakfast person).
    Something I need to point out is the warning about taking medicines:
    Some meds are fat soluble, the leaflet gives the example of the contraceptive pill, and you must not take these within 2 hours of taking the XLS.
    I take 4 different meds and I had to go into Boots to check with the pharmacist about which, if any, were fat soluble. I've had to alter the timing of one of them. I would be come ill quickly if my med wasn't being absorbed.
    I think XLS should be more clear, printing it in bold or something.
    XLS also has an effect on blood sugar, balancing glucose levels, so diabetics have to be very careful too.
    And finally, not suitable for pregnancy. :)

    I'm signed up to the 123hellome support program of the XLS Medical website. Its a bit naff, theres a food diary but you cant add new foods to the database and the list of foods is very limited. No forum either.
    What is interesting and good about it is the rewards. When you first sign up you can enter the special code printed on the leaflet from the box of pills and you are given points. Everytime you make entries in the food and exercise diary, you get points, eventually with enough points you can get a free box of pills.
    I'm looking forward to my freebie :D
  4. happychic

    happychic Full Member

    Hi....I too am going to try these tablets. They have been dispatched today so hopefully they will arrive by the beginning of next week. It would be great to share the highs and lows. Might be worth mentioning that I tried Proactol last year and they were extremely effective but they didn't suppress your appetite. I'm hoping these do :)
    Good luck x
  5. jerricebenton

    jerricebenton Silver Member

    Watching with interest, I am waiting for my supply to arrive. I got 120 tabs for £23 on amazon! Much cheaper than Boots.
  6. Kittywhite

    Kittywhite is smiling :D

    Hi happychic & jerricebenton, it'll be nice to have some company and share what happens. :)
    I bought 180 pills for £38 from Amazon too. Definitely the cheapest.
    I dont know anything about
    Proactol happychic but I can tell you XLS definitely cuts the appetite, makes you feel full, I havent been having any snacks.

    Today's update is bascially -nothing-
    Nothing happening in the loo department or anywhere else for that matter.
    I mistakenly thought these pills would make me got to the loo at least once a day. Its not happening, they seem very gentle and just work with my normal 'loo' cycle.
    Now all thats left is to see how much I lose for my first weigh-in on wednesday
    I'm looking forward to hearing everyone elses experiences.
  7. happychic

    happychic Full Member

    I too have bought from Amazon, if they work then there are further discounts for ordering automatically. I'm really looking forward to getting started. If they work as well as Proactol we will lose weight ?
    On that plan I used a larger amount of tablets for my dinner, as breakfast and lunch tend to be lower fat anyway. I like the online resource, but I've just downloaded a free track what you eat app for my phone. Writing things down is crucial.
    I'm judging these against previous weightless with Proactol which was 11 lbs in the first month
  8. Kittywhite

    Kittywhite is smiling :D

    Not a happy bunny this morning; I took the 1st 2 pills wednesday dinner time, (evening) and went to the loo twice on thursday but I havent been to the loo since then.

    I found this on the XLS website:

    "Our unique formula is also rich in fibre, so some users might experience mild constipation if they don't drink enough water. We also recommend no more than six tablets per day."

    I do drink plenty of water & tea, I dont get it. I take 4 pills a day, 2 with lunch, 2 with dinner and now I have to put up with constipation? I am not happy. :(

    I googled Proactol, its seems to be identical to XLS, even the "absorbs 27.4% of fat". Weird.
    Last edited: 30 September 2012
  9. happychic

    happychic Full Member

    I agree that does seem strange. With Proactol I went 2-3 times day and you could- sorry to be graphic here- see the fat that hadn't been absorbed. Keep at it, see what the weekly weigh in says. Will of course keep posting here so we can compare when I get my tabs x
  10. jerricebenton

    jerricebenton Silver Member

    Can you up your fluid intake until you start moving again? Your nody is getting used to this, so it may take a wee while for your bodily functios to get back to normal.

    I am so hoping mine arrive today!
  11. Noo2

    Noo2 Member

    Happy to find this thread, I too am waiting for my pills to arrive - not even told my husband I'm going to do it yet! Bit embarrassed to be starting another diet so going to keep this to myself for a bit and see how I get on.
    Will be reading to see how those already started are getting on!
  12. Kittywhite

    Kittywhite is smiling :D

    Hi Noo2, the more the merrier :)

    I really want to see how everyone else gets on, for me right now its a disaster. I did weigh myself this morning and I've lost only 1lb, not surprising as nothings leaving my body.
    I had to buy laxatives today, I cant remember the last time I had to take those!
    I've also stopped taking the XLS, I just cant keep taking it till I shift what I've got "stuck". Its freaking me out. I do drink a lot of water and my trips to the bathroom prove it. I'm definitely not dehydrated this is why I cant understand whats gone wrong really.

    Once I clear everything out of my system then I'll try again but for now I'm just doing the calorie counting.
    Good luck everyone else :)
  13. happychic

    happychic Full Member

    My tabs have arrived so will be starting tomorrow.
    Will post every day until my weekly weigh in.
    Hope everyone is ok.
    Take care ?
  14. happychic

    happychic Full Member

    Kittywhite do you think your diet is already very low in fat. Just wondering if that's why you are bunged up. Just a thought :)
  15. msvanpersie

    msvanpersie New Member

    Hey all, I bought these today. AGAIN putting money into the Weight loss millionaires! But if you don't try you will never know.

    So far, I took 1 at 12 today because I have allergies so was scared to take 2. Ye i know, it would have hit me anyways but I thought one is better then 2. I had my salad and latte. Then I came home at 6 took 2, I wasn't starving. But I still stuck on my chicken wings and thighs. EH i only ate 2 and i was stuffed? ok I didnt think much of it to be honest and I had a small scone about an hour later and i am STUFFED like I ate loads and I didn't. So started googling it because I still want to see what people are saying and I am reading it suppresses appetite. Hardly that quick though? I thought maybe in a day or two. So if this is the way I am going to feel taking these tablets, wohooooo weight loss here we come.

    I can't find much myself when I google it but anything I did find looked good. But I did read in a few that people couldnt sleep. They werent sure if it was to do with the pills though!

    Keep me updated anyways :) good luck all x
  16. Kittywhite

    Kittywhite is smiling :D

    Happychic, you may be right.
    I've been thinking about it and on Wednesday evening I had a roast chicken dinner, I hadn't started my diet yet, just took 2 pills as they had arrived that day. Thats a really fatty meal and I had no problems going to the loo thursday morning and again in the afternoon.
    But from then on I had wholewheat chicken salad sandwich for lunch, with lurpak light and light mayo, in the evening had a WW meal with mixed veggies and an 1oz of full fat cheese. Fresh fruit salad
    Friday same lunch (leftover chicken), evening WW risotto with extra fried rice.
    Saturday wholewheat full fat cheese and pickle sandwich, cant remember dinner ??
    Sunday breakfast cornflakes and semi-skim milk, no lunch, dinner was jacket spud with some lurpak, baked beans and chicken.
    Obviously WW meals are going to be low fat, I eat them coz I like them :)
    The only really fatty thing I've eaten is cheese.

    How ironic, for these pills to work I need to up my fat intake???
    Well I knew it wasnt my water or fibre, not sure what I'm going to do now.
  17. jerricebenton

    jerricebenton Silver Member

    Mine have arrived, going to start them at lunchtime :)
  18. Chrissymissy

    Chrissymissy New Member

    Got mine yesterday - started using them straight away - haven't noticed much at all - maybe feel slightly less hungry??
  19. Kittywhite

    Kittywhite is smiling :D

    Sorted my "bathroom" problem thank god.
    Still looking for more info on constipation and XLS. I found something interesting on the proactol (same ingredient) website under side effects it says:

    Also, the bringing together of bile acids and forming of viscous solution to slow down the absorption of glucose will decelerate digestion. As such, those users having slow digestive problems will experience even slower digestion rate causing them to suffer from unwanted digestive disorders.

    I do have slow digestion, so I guess thats it.
    Not sure if I'm going to take again or not? I'm thinking about it.
    Good luck to all taking the plunge :)
  20. Sigrun

    Sigrun Member

    Hi everyone! Great to find this site and this thread! I too have just started on the XLS pills. I use them alongside the Dukan diet and this is day 2 so there isn´t a lot to report right now. I did however take all measurements and all that jazz at the start so will be able to report on inches as well as kilos.

    I only bought the initial 10-day pack as I am going to Portugal in 11 days and am quite frankly worried I won´t fit into the seat as last time I flew with easyjet, it was a struggle and I felt somewhat like a strangled chicken. :eek:

    I look forward to hearing everyone's experiences and hopefully, success stories!
  21. jerricebenton

    jerricebenton Silver Member

    Day 2 for me. Obviously not much to report, feel no different but I wasnt expecting to :)

    Kitty, is there a natural remedy you can take to help? Physllium husks or whatever it is low-carbers take?

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