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xxVickys Diaryxx - back again :)

Well i went for my first weigh in today and i weighed in at 15 stone and half a lb. :sigh:

Weight watchers seems easy enough to follow, i have my meals planned for tomorrow, and with the help of my friend who have made me some 0 point soup, the first day shouldnt be too bad.

I am not too worried for the next two weeks, its after that that my motivation and will to continue leaves me, but this time i have the wedding dress to look good in im hoping that is enough motivation to keep me going, plus iv paid for a month so i kno i will definately have to go for at least a month.
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so hows your first day going? once you get the hang of it its really easy.. best part of WW is that nothing is a no.
Im loving the fact that nothing is a no, it seems very easy to do if you are organised. My first day is going brilliantly, tho i have found including everything i have eaten and planned to eat, that im not using enough points :S

Im really looking forward to making the chicken noodle soup tonite, sounds so yummy.
Well day two is off to a good start, i made my chicken noodle soup last night for my dinner today, and apart from "using every pan in the house" according to my darling fiance, i think it was a great success lol.

I am off to aquafit tonite, its always a laugh so im looking forward to it :)
Day three and im feeling a little guilty, i had an extra point last night, low fat spready cheese on celery, after aquafit because i was really hungry :( it was my own fault because i knew i should have saved some points for afterwards.

Well im off to a fresh start today, iv made about three ton of no point soup so i will be having that for my dinner. I must admit im having a chinese tonite, but a chicken chow mein is only 7 1/2 points so i feel positively angelic today lol.
Day 4 - I still feel like im eating too much, im using all my points in the day, im not hungry at all and i feel like there is too much. I have a gorgeous meal planned for tonite, pasta with creme fraiche and chopped up turkey rashers, my idea of heaven.

Feeling a little unstable of mood this morning due to an argument with my fella, everything is sorted now but still feeling a little wobbly. Now is the time that i need to stay focused and positive cos in the past i would have comfort ate about now, so i thought id come and whinge on here instead :)
Always a good place for a whinge!!!

Sounds like you are doing well, know what you mean about eating too much. I made the o point butternut squash soup yesterday and had some with ryvita and tuna for lunch. To be honest, i could have just had the soup, it was really filling. Have felt like i am eating to much all the time but have lost 6.5lb in 3 weeks so it must work!!!

Keep it up - you ll be ultra slim in no time xxx
aww i bet you are so happy with your loss, you are doing well :) I have never tried butternut squash but i was gonna try making some crisps out of them.
Hi popped back to see how you're doing and it all seems to be going well for you. Hope your little fall out with other half won't distract you but its always difficult isn't it.

Take care


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