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ya know the jelly ?

Well i still not made it yet.. and i think i may need it to help get me through..

am i right in thinking that you need..................

scoop of mix a mouse
t spoon of flavouring
water ?

how much of everything? and how would you mix it together if you dont have a hand blender only a electric blender?

thankyou :)
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Scoop is already in MAM tub. 150ml of very cold water. 1/4 teaspoon of water flavouring. Mix with a hand blender, food processor ... whatever. Put back in fridge and you'll have a clear bit at the bottom and a frothy white bit at the top.
thanks.. how long would you say to put in the fridge for?

what about the bits that mix a mouse leaves? lol


Having bought the Mix-A-Mousse for a couple of weeks at £3.50 a tub, was intrigued to find out the ingredients (not listed on the tub) and after some research discovered it is basically powered gelatine. I dont really use it to make the shakes into a mousse but use it to make jelly.

So off I went to my local Tesco's and bought a box of Supercook Gelatine granuals (6 x sachets in a box) which was 55p!!!! Each sachet makes up the same as 1 & 1/2 scoops of MAM and turns out the same at a fraction of the price!

Just thought I'd pass it on to anyone that was interested!!



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I also use supacook gelatine to make the jelly, stops that erm froth on top. i also use a few drops of either orange , red or green (dont ask , lol) food colouring. its much more appetising when it looks 'right'
i still use mix a mousse to make the shake/tetra mousses as the gelatine has to be dissolved in hot water so not suitable for mousse making.
still loving my trifle every single day. love it , love it, LOVE IT. lol


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how i make trifle :

make jelly:
450ml cold water in a jug, add 1 teaspoon orange or berry flavouring and a few drops food colouring .
boil kettle and dissolve 1 sachet supercook gelatine in 50mls boiling water , stir till completely dissolved then pour into flavoured cold water and stir well.
transfer to a trifle dish/large cereal dish.
place in fridge for about 2 hours until set.

making the topping:
i have 2 preferred topping:
a) using a chocolate tetra, make a mousse using one scoop mix a mousse and pour over the set jelly, put back in fridge for 10 minutes and enjoy.
take a chocolate mint and a butterscotch pack, using half measures, make up half a chocolate mint mousse (100 mls water and half scoop mix a mousse) and pour over the jelly.
leave for 5 minutes until starting to set.
in the meantime make up the butterscotch mousse in the same way, then pour over the top of the chocolate mint mousse.
leave for another 5 minutes and tuck in :)
i have this every single night
oh wow just saved the page for when i get some of that powder tommorrow.. cant wait... will be a safer for me :) thanks so much :)


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your very welcome hun.
u can of course make it with mix a mousse jelly but tbh, the froth kinda gets in the way when ur wanting to pour a mousse over it. lol
have fun with it. its the one thing ive found that REALLY hits the mark with my sweet tooth.:)


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Wow thats a fantastic recipe, I'm definately going to get some mix a mousse now!


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lol amethyst,
did u remember the supercook gelatine? ;)
ha ha ha ha



had to have a shower ths morning, so obviously washed my hands (i written list) been out and not got it.. i am such a tit!! lol

will get it tommorrow though wrote it on my hand again... am gutted!!


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lol, gl remembering it tomorrow hun . lol


has started again!!
WOW!! Fab post, am now drooling!! LOL!!

Must by gelatine, now added to my list along with ice lolly moulds that I keep forgetting too!!

Thanks everyone!


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i got my lolly mould from my local pound store.
makes 6 rocket lollies.
great for minimilk style tetras.

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