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YAY i'm free!!!


Size 14 here i come!
Phew, glad that's over:eek:
Well i went to see CDC, she was surprised to see me as she was in middle of exercise routine with another client and had me down for 2pm not 11.45am.:rolleyes:

Anyway... i went in and she was asking how my week had been, i just stopped her and came straight out with,'i have to tell you i won't be coming to you anymore'. I think she thought i was packing it all in and then i told her i had found another CDC who was alot closer to my home than she was. She was NOT happy but tried very hard to be gracious, what else could she do?

She said that my new CDC was 'very new to CD' and she had a client who had left the other CDC to join her as she wasn't happy, not sure if that's true or not. Still, i'm sure she shouldn't have been telling me that.

She still weighed me and measured me and when it came to choosing products and i asked if i was 'ALLOWED' to have any bars this week she replied,'have what you want, it's not my problem anymore'!!!:eek::eek: Cheeky mare!

Well if that didn't tell me i had made right decision, nothing would. I was meant to be doing an exercise routine with her which i was going to refuse as it would have been too awkward but she didn't give me the option, lol
She got very distant with me then and said a quick goodbye whilst showing me the door. I hadn't even closed the door and she was back talking to the other client who was waiting to carry on exercising, charming!

So it's all done now, i can contact her if i want to look into being CDC further down the road as i was polite, honest and told her face to face.

I can't tell you how happy i am knowing i don't have to deal with her sergant major ways anymore.:D
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Eat to live don't live to eat!
Yey, well done you! How annoying that she was so off with you, if my cdc said I wasn't allowed bars I'd tell her where to go! The bars help me get thru the day and I have had them from the beginning of week 2, my cdc was happy to give them to me because she said if they help you then why wait and struggle! As for your cdc saying you had to lose x amount of weight or you couldn't have bars, I think that is totally outrageous, you lose differently each week on cd and cant determine the result on the scales and just because she thinks that is what you should have lost grrrrr its ludicrous! I would think about reporting her to cambridge head office, I think she is a b*tch on a power trip to be honest with you!

Sorry, I just got so cross for you!



This is the last time!!
Brilliant stuff, I bet you felt well proud :)


hoping for a good loss
So pleased that is over for you hun.

So what if the other CDC is new to the job, at least she will have some empathy for how you are feeling and what it is like to struggle.

Well done you. Charlie x


Size 14 here i come!
Stacey, thanks so much, i know it does make you angry, it's meant to be support not controlled.

Jabba, thanks for the support hun.

Charlie, exactly, so what if she is new, she was lovely on the phone and knows exactly why i am swapping over so hopefull she will not try and do the same. Thanks again, here's to a great week with no dreading the CDC wi or begging for bars anymore.
Errrggghhhh what a b**ch! You definately done the right thing cant believe she was so cheeky to u!!

Well done, so when are u seeng the new CDC


Size 14 here i come!
Errrggghhhh what a *****! You definately done the right thing cant believe she was so cheeky to u!!

Well done, so when are u seeng the new CDC
LOL i know she was a cheeky so and so. I am speaking to her tonight and it will probably be this weekend some time when i first meet her.

Suepat10, yes i know, thanks :)
pleased that you managed to find someone , I am surprised your old CDC has any clients .. what a bag !!!!
and how dare she slag off your new CDC .. talk about back stabbing , being new is surely a good thing as she will be well trained in the plans and know all the up to date info and maybe be quite keen to keep her clients happy unlike your old one !!
yay to you for putting it straight and not giving up :)


Cambridge Consultant
Good on you for being upfront and telling your cdc.
I would hate anyone to feel so upset that came to me I try my upmost to be pleasant and nice to everyone. The only thing us CDC's cant do is change what it says on the scales.

I am sure your new CDC will be fab.
Take care x

Big H

Silver Member
Nice that she considered you 'a problem' before aint it lol.

Better off away from her - well done


One day at a time!
Well done - sounds like you were very calm and collected. It must be a weight off your shoulders, lol. Now, onwards and downwards;)


Size 14 here i come!
It must be a weight off your shoulders, lol.;)
A 4lb weight off actually and 5 inches!!:D

Thanks for the support as usual everyone!:)
fantastic. i'm so happy for you that you've managed to ditch the b*tch. how horrid of her to be so blazey about it all. how good of you to be so straight forward. her attitude stunk today.... have what you want!!!! i mean!

anyway... did you get any bars :D


Size 14 here i come!


Full Member
good luck with the new CDC... i can sense your relief! xx


Size 14 here i come!
Seeing new CDC on sat morn and she has just ordered me some choc briks in as she doesn't have any other people who have them. Now that's what i'm talking about!!

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