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Yazoo Chocolate Milk as substitue for Milk? HELP?!

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Hi Guys,

I hate hate hate milk, yoghurt and cheese. I am starting SW EE tomorrow and have been advised by all the threads that it is very important not to miss out HE's so i am desperately trying to find an alternative.

I absolutely cannot bear any type of cheese, even dairylea, and feel pretty much the same about yoghurts.

the only time i drink milk is when i have a chocolate milkshake and i LOVE chocolate Yazoo's.

I buy them in a pack of 4. they are 200ml's each and i did a google search for the syn value and i found that one bottle (200ml) is 7 syns.

I am right in thinking that each healthy extra is 6syns each. so if i had one yazoo per days as my healthy extra 'A' i just need to add one syn to my syn allowance for that day?

So just to clarify:
1 200ml (any flavour) Yazoo = 7syns
Healthy Extra A = 6syns
so minus 6-7=1 syn to be taken from my daily allowance of syns (5-15).

Anyones help would be MUCHLY appreciated as i have only just started getting my head round this sometimes very complicated diet!! haha

ALso whilst i'm talking about helathy extras and syn values, does anyone know how many syns a portion od weetabix chocolate chip minis is? as i have this dry with no milk(yuk) for breakfast but i dont know the syn value. Could i have this as a healthy extra B and add pn any ectra syn values that it may have??

Thanks so much in advance xxxxx
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Sorry but there's more to HEa choices than the /syns - it's about calcium content and your chocolate milk won't have enough to count plus I bet it's got a fair amount of sugar in it to boot.

You can have 28g of the mini weetabix for your HEb but it's not a very big portion. There are other cereals you could have that would give you more bang for your buck or there are loads more choices. When you join you will get access to the full list of HEa and bs.

I don't know what you are going to do about your HEa choice - it's not compulsory to have them but just in terms of health it's very important that you get the right amount of calcium in your diet. There are other foods that are high in calcium you could eat instead to make sure you are getting a fair whack eg spinach, broccoli, sesame/flax seeds, tahini, kale, oranges, papaya.
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Hi thank for your advice, i thought that if you could find alternatives and add syns on top you could as lots of the threads have alternatives for healthy extra b's etc. Also what would someone who is dairy intolerant do??

I have had a look at the nutrition guide and for 200ml its as follows:

140 calories
20g carbs - 18g of which sugars (aome of which are naturally found in milk)
3g fat
1.2 g of fibre
30% of recommended daily allowance of milk (which is probably what the healthy extra a is roughly?)
60% of Vitamin B12 daily allowance

It doesnt seem to bad to me, the sugars is quite high but the other factors seem good, and it is recommended for packed lunches by the government??
I don't want to be drinking it if its not a good substitute for healthy extra a, but i would have to cut out milk alltogether otherwise, unless i made scrambled eggs one or two days a week but i wouldnt have them every day.



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Dairy intolerant people have soya milk and things. Is there any chance you could add a hot chocolate sachet to normal milk/soya milk or something to make it similar to a Yazoo, or not? Then you could have the milk as your HEX plus syns for the sachet eg Options hot chocolate is 2 syns per sachet.
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yeah i could do that but yazoo's actually contain about 95% semi skimmed milk anyway so i thought that would be ok to have it as a HEA and add 1syn as HE's have a syn value of 6, and a yazoo is 7?x
You can only use the healthy extras as listed by slimming world on the healthy extra list which is updated regularly

When slimming world select healthy extras they take into account all of the nutritional information. It isn't a case of being able to say well a HEa is approx 6 syns so I can have something else worth 6 syns. Otherwise let's face it we would all be swapping our healthy extras for chocolate or similar.


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I'm a bit iffy with dairy products too (Yoghurt is NOT for me), but I'll eat it if the taste is "disguised" with other things, i.e. HEA cheese on a homemade pzza with meat and other chopped up veggies. How about you use your milk allowance for hot chocolate? A tsp of Cadbury's Bournville cocoa is 1 syn (you can use more depending on your taste) - tastes great mixed up, I'm sure not unlike chocolate milk.
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Could you not use your milk allowance and make your own chocolate milkshake with something like Crusha (3syns/25ml of syrup) or Nesquick (3syns/1 level tbsp of powder).

Good luck x


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Rice/soya/coconut milk would work

If not i would use x amount of milk and buy nesquick and make your own milkshake syning the nesquick


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A lot of people do tweak slightly. It's not Slimming Worlds recommendation to tweak but I hardly think a milkshake used in place of milk would make you gain and spoil the plan completely.
I feel whenever you can you should stick to the plan but people do tweak and still have good losses. It's better to tweak and make it work for you than to not get any dairy at all.

Check this thread - http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world/219560-bending-rules-sw.html

So, am not advocating tweaking but do what works best for you and if you find it's affecting your losses then cut it out.
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TheMissus, you have it spot on - the guidelines are there and you have to make it work for you. If you try something that's not 'on plan' then don't have a good loss, you know it's not working for you, so don't try it again.

At the end of the day, no one is going to give you lines, a fine or whatever if you wander off the SW guidelines. This is real life after all and you have to 'tweak' to your own tune sometimes! I know I do, and I accept that I won't have massive losses, but I've been there, done that and gained it all again. My game plan this time is 'slowly, slowly wins the race' and make it fit with life, rather than the other way round. That way, I believe, for me at any rate, it's got more chance of staying off.

Being super-strict works for some people, being a bit more lenient and taking the scenic route works for other people.

It's more important to get your HExs in as they are there for a reason, so if Yazoo is your only option go with it, but add maybe 2 or 3 syns for all that hidden sugar! The other options of adding stuff to regular milk is probably cheaper and better for you though! ;)


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Where can i get these syrups i looked on there site and i want loads! lol
I google them and go for the store that's cheapest. You can juse them in cooking,in coffee,milk ,over ice cream etc .I find you don't need much and they last ages.
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Im lactose intolerant. I have found it hard with the healthy a choice but i have 1 cup of tea a day with soya in and take calcium vitamins x

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thanks very much for your varied responses!! i will probably vary between the hot chocolate using powder, and nesquick choc powder, but will also use yazzo as like some commented its not a huge variation, as it still does contain mostly milk within it, and it is a milk product thats why i thought it might be a good substitute which is nothing like swapping it for chocolate!! I think bit of tweaking won't harm especially as i literally cannot bear milk/cheese/yoghurt. If it starts to affect my weight loss then i shall think about changing it. plus i havent made any variations for HEB or the EE foods, i count all my syns so hopefully i am on the track to success!! Thanks again for your comments they were very helpful xx

Anyway i have lost 4lbs this week so i think i am doing ok


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da vinci sugar free syrups are syn free and have lots of flavours. You could add them to milk for no extra syns.
Hello, Sorry to butt in here but I cant find where to buy the da vinci syrups from? Would you know? Thanks in advance xxx :)


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IDK if this would be of any help to you but the chocolate flavour Oatly milk is 200ml for a HEA. I don't know how similar the taste would be to a yazoo but if you did want to try something that was on plan it might be a good alternative.

You've lost 4lb this week though so doesn't look like having the yazoo is causing you any problems! :)

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