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yesterday * food mentioned*


please try again
was my 28th birthday

i had 2 shakes and a meal out, chicken, pots, peas and i had a small slice of birthday cake ( had to buy my own so got a little purple ronnie one ) no alcohol but did have some coke zero

well today was my weekly weigh in.
im not in ketosis as of yesterday evenings meal and lucky me totm is due today/tomorrow and the result was ....

a gain of 6lb! whoops, better get on the straight and narrow
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needs a real kick in the
that 6lb will be off by tomorrow if your good. let us know how you go xx
good luck


please try again
oh trust me i am being good, 2 shakes down so far today and 2.5l of water so far, hoping to get in another 1.5l of water and of course my 3rd shake before bedtime


minimims stalker
i really wouldnt worry hun like evgeryone has said you will loose this quickly! u werent even that bad so try not to worry and just crack on x
Wow you put on 6lb!!! I have just had like 2weeks off the diet as i went away for my birthday and didnt get back on track, i ate EVERYTHING in sight and put on 6lb and i am on TOTM. You ate hardly anything and put on 6lb i ate everything in sight and put on 6lb. Aint it weird how the body works!!! Big hug coming your way ~hugs~ We can easy get that 6lb off hun :D xxxx <3


please try again
i have a metabolic condition, i know i dont do well with carbs, i joined slimming world once, stuck to it 100% infact they told me i didnt eat enough and i gained 6lb, lol
Happy belated birthday Sumayyah, as you may have read I have been like a yo-yo on this diet since xmas, and usually put on 5lbs each weekend,and 7lbs when I go away for a weekend. I always find it has gone by Friday.
Good luck,it won't take long to shift it x

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