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Yoga isn't only for skinny people!

I really love yoga and what's it's doing to my body. I really recommend yoga for everyone. It's easy and low impact, and no matter what body size you are you can do yoga. I've gotten so much stronger with it, I feel more relaxed and at peace. Yoga also helped me decide to eat better and healthier, that's why I picked GI/GL diet.

I saw this video clip yesterday on youtube while I was looking for yoga videos and found it inspirational for people of all sizes to do yoga HeavyWeight Yoga on San Antonio Living - YouTube .
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Is pilates similar? I always end my gym sesh with some pilates stomach exercises, my stomach is so strong and not bulked up at all, my back doesnt ache and I feel strong!
Pilates is really good for you too. It's low impact but also gives you lean muscles. Pilates aims more at core muscles. I was originally stuck between trying out pilates and yoga. I ended up going with yoga. But who knows oneday I might try some pilates out too :)
I've only been doing yoga for 3 months, and just the other day moved on to non-beginners which I find challeging, but beginners yoga was getting too easy for me.

From what I've read and seen is that Hot yoga and Bikram yoga is really challenging, I know it's for the hardcore just like power yoga. Bikram Yoga - YouTube

I think they'll really help loose weight, maybe oneday I'll have to give them a go too:)

A positive thing I have to say about yoga is that I've gained alot of muscles, and I've gotten much much stronger from yoga. My body has become much better looking from yoga. Also you don't have to start off being strong and flexible to do it either. When I started doing yoga, I was really weak, not flexible and really overweight.
I've always wanted to try YOGA. Would you really recommend it? I'm quite busy at work and am afraid I won't have too much time for it. But they say, the positivity that it will bring you is really amazing. :)
Hi Desperate2bslim, I always wanted to try yoga too, all my life I was interested in it and wanted that yoga body. But I never had the guts to go to a class. I do yoga at home, I started out doing yoga from youtube videos and now dvd. I feel more secure and confident about doing it in the comfort of my home. I didn't want to be the big girl in yoga class that couldn't do any poses.

I really recommend yoga, I think it's really amazing how much it tones and strengthens the body, without doing really hard impact exercise. I started off doing only about 15-25 minutes of yoga. They were challenging for me at first, but eventually I noticed that I could hold the pose longer and was able to do the full pose. That's the great part about yoga at home is you do it when you want and for how long you want to :)

Here are the youtube videos I started out doing Yoga to,




Let me know what you think:)
Hi Cali :) I was wondering if you still do the yoga? I have started yoga at home as part of the p90x regime and absolutely loving it! :D
Hi Kirst! I'm still doing yoga and loving it:). I've gotten much stronger since I started doing yoga. Just the other day, I was helping my OH lefting and moving heavy things. He was surprised that I was walking around carrying some of the things all by myself, as they were really heavy. I didn't even realize or think about it, until he asked if I was ok with carrying those heavy things.

I'm glad to hear that you're doing yoga at home and enjoying it:). I wish everyone could enjoy the benefits of yoga:).
Yeah it's definately amazing how your strenght builds up through yoga! How many times a week do you practice yoga? x
I like to practice yoga about 4-5 times a week. Since I started doing yoga, I'm able to do guy pushups. It first started off with 10, and now I'm up to 40 guy pushups:)
wow that's amazing! and this is all through yoga?

I can't wait 'til I lose a couple more stone, yoga will be so much more easier. I would absolutely love to be a yoga trainer one day!x
I used to have problems walking up a flight of stairs before I did yoga. I started doing yoga for about 10-15 minutes in the beginning. I felt stronger, and thought I'd give doing pushups a go, and pumped out 10.


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I too have always wanted to try yoga but never wanted to be the big girl in class that couldn’t do anything. I think I’ll have a go at those videos you’ve posted up and see how I get on. Yoga would be ideal exercise for me because I high impact exercise causes problems with my knees, and I’d love to get some of my flexibility back and build my strength.

Out of interest, what DVDs do you use?
I have bad knees too. I used to love running, but I can't run on pavement anymore as it just really hurts my knees.

I use Esther Ekhart's dvds. She used to have them for sale on her Yogatics website. I'm not sure if she's going to be making any DVDs in the near future. But I really hope so, as I know many people who want her DVDs.

She does have a lot of videos on youtube, and they're all free:) They range from beginners to advance.
Thank you for the links!!


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Bikram will change your life. Not just in terms of weight loss but also in vitality, mental strength and emotional stability


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I have never done yoga before, but my friend keeps trying to drag me to Bikram! Would it be better to go to normal yoga classes first?

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