Yoga? Or some other exercise?

Hi everyone! Happy holidays!!! :)
So, I have a question for you. What, if any, exercise do you do? Has it helped your weight loss? Does anyone do yoga here? Is anyone worried about overdoing exercise because of the low calorie count on liquid diets? Please advise. I would like to start some exercise, but I am unsure of what to do and how much to do. I was thinking of yoga...but any exercise stories would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)
Please Help

I'm crying as I write this. My scale is not moving. I need to know if exercise will make a difference. I see people reading this, but not responding. I'm about ready to throw in the towel.:(
Scales Not moving

Hi Lindentree (if you're still there)

Couldn't read and not reply - don't have much advice for you as I have not yet started on Lipotrim, but am due to start on 30th December but hate the thought of someone crying online.

From what the others have said the main reason the scales don't move could be down to not drinking enough water ... does that sound like it could be a possibility??
Hi Lindentree,
Keep going with the diet - the scales will move, they can't not if you stick to it!
Re exercise...I try and walk - fairly quickly, for at least an hour a can do this split into two or three bursts.
Yoga would probably be fine, although best stick to the less energetic forms, or with pilates.
Good luck, and you'll see some results soon.
Hi Linden

What diet are you doing. If it's a VLCD the main thing is not to do too much exercise, especially in the first few weeks. It's not the time to take up something new, especially something quite demanding, but if you're already exercising or want to start something quite gentle to begin with that's fine. TBH you don't need to exercise to lose the weight (assuming you're doing a VLCD here) as you will lose weight anyway and as already mentioned drinking that water is the biggest thing to help yourself. But everyone is different and looses at a different rate, but stick with it and the scales will move, they have to, as you're not taking in enough calories for your body to function without burning your own fat to fuel itself.

If you want to do exercise, then start gently, I would think yoga would be fine, it's a great stress reliever too, but whatever you do let your instructor know about your diet before you start.

I hope you come back, you will get support here, but it's a funny time of year & everyone's very busy with Christmas. But as mentioned on another thread when a member felt they weren't getting any support you can always pm a moderator if you need help and there is a sticky giving all their details and who to call. Failing that please feel free to pm me if you need any more help.

Take care, don't give up, these diets do work and if you stick with it, you will see the results.

I haven't done any exercise in order to lose the weight. (always meant to of course!) I have a feeling I wouldn't have lost the weight any quicker but would probably look more toned. I will certainly be starting up exercise in the new year but not sure what I will do exactly. Will keep an eye on your thread for tips. I always loved high impact stuff when i was last slim but also younger but probably focusing on toning exercises would get best results for me now.

Good Luck and have a lovely Xmas.

Dizzy x
Hi Linden

am so sorry you are feeling that people are not replying. I think its just a busy time of year, and I know myself I havent been able to get on much.

I dont know about the excerices and sure others with more experience will advise further.

All I can say is on my own personal experience I havent exercised in the past 8 weeks I have been CDing but have just this week started to. Just some gentle one on a stepper. My weight has been a bit sticky over the past few weeks, and it does seem to be helping a bit. I have come down this week a few pounds and lost off my legs! :)

So dont think a bit of gently exercise will hurt.

Please do come back to the forum. People here are brilliant and have great advice and support to help you on your diet.

Hope to see you back soon.

Wishing you a great Christmas and Happy New Year

Deb x
I haven't been on a VLCD for a while but if I think back to when I was...

What, if any, exercise do you do? I did loads - Body Combat, Body Pump, aerobics and Spinning mostly (although please note I was already very fit and used to these classes and I still took them at a more leisurely pace than usual). I was actually doing far more than I should have been. It's why I ended up coming off Cambridge before reaching goal, because exercise was more important to me than losing more weight. I did take an extra pack to help me through even while I was still on SS.

Has it helped your weight loss? It didn't make any notable difference.

Does anyone do yoga here? Occasionally.

Is anyone worried about overdoing exercise because of the low calorie count on liquid diets? You need to be careful when you're on a VLCD because of the low carb and calorie content of the diet. Keep your exercise at a low intensity e.g. walking, cycling, swimming (no racing!) and combine cardio with strength and flexibility training. Make sure you drink plenty of extra water before, during and after a workout.

Yoga would be an excellent choice to improve your flexibility and strength without subjecting your body to a high intensity onslaught. Go for it!
yeh well ive just started the cambridge diet and usually i go to the gym about 3 times a week. I dont want to cut it out totally so im just going to see how it goes and see how i feel.

I want to spend more time there in the evenings either by just using the toning tables or chillin out in the sauna as it will keep my mind occupied!!
Hi, I was a regular at the gm before CD. I didn't do anything while SS or 790. Once at 1000 I did very gentle cross trainer stuff 15mins no resistance to get my body used to it all again. Then last week put in my weight training. At the week ends I do yoga and Winsor Pilates. I always looked smaller than my weight as I was very toned. It's helped now I've lost weight too as I still look toned despite a six month break.

I think that some people here do exercise and some don't. I think CD says not to start anything new but to carry on if you have always done so. I chose not to as I knew I didn't have enough cals to weight train.

Am back training now to build some muscle. Lots of women don't want to do it, but I know it burns calories when you are resting! Also, it's impossible to look muscly unless you train most days and eat loads of protein and make it your lifes work - it's not something that will happen accidentally!