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Attack yogurts

Plain with a bit of sweetener or mullerlights are the only ones I got


Not very good at this!
Muller toffee or vanilla, otherwise plain (no hidden sugar) and add a little sweetener.

I think someone uses some ww vanilla/toffee too. I have had some actimel vanilla oners, but don't ever hasve more than one per day as I think they have some sugar in them.
wish i had a list of what brands i can have as i bought shape tonight only to realise they have some fruit in them, does anyone know where to get a list?


Not very good at this!
I think just anything with no fruit or added sugar. In Cruise you can have two fruit yoghurts as tolerated items, but if you do, then no other tolerated items.


** Chief WITCH **
Muller lites toffee and vanilla is a good place to start. Or the 0% fat greek yoghurt. I check all labels always...
I mainly buy 0% natural yogurt now having ODd on the flavoured ones (plus you can use them for cooking). Really nice with ginger or cinnamon and a little sweetner.
in the 'low carb cookbook for vegetarians' by rose elliot, she advocates probiotic greek yoghurt, as the cultures 'eat' half the carbs stated on the label.

- so if a 170g pot of Total 0% fat has 7g carb you only count 3.5g - so i stick with this its way way way lower than any Muller or activia or danone creation - and this is for all intensive purposes a low carb high protein diet.

i add a crushed up splenda pill and maybe a dash of almond or vanilla or extract of orange essence for change, its great :p
i've just seen muller light orange with dark choc pieces, 8g carb for 100g...same as the toffee...mmm its my last day of attack today!

its not quite like total with 4g (count 2g) of carb for 100g but i think i may crumble and id rather have that than wreck the diet with actual chocolate.


Not very good at this!
I was comparing the nutritional info of this one and the Muller vanilla via mysupermarket.com yesterday and thought they were very similar in nutritional content.
yeah i dont think its got real orange in it to flavour, prob more of a synthetic flavouring, and its mine tomorrow after 6 days attack!

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