You Inspirational Lot.....!!


Now I have plucked up the courage to start posting I thought I would say Hi, So Hi!

I have been lurking around on here for weeks now, reading all your posts is just so inspirational, but I was starting to feel like a stalker so I joined in!

I have read the ups and downs, the cheating, the loo problems and the support you offer each other and think you are all amazing.

When I started CD and I had the obligatory loo problem myself -- I logged on and found other people had experienced the same, when I wanted to know about Mix a Mousse, mint tea, chewing gum, alcohol, feeling low, feeling were all there giving me the answers without knowing it! So Thank you all!

Carol xx
About the avatar.... my teenage daughter just came in from college and peered at it and said "OMG you look like a freak... they will think you are mad!! If I saw someone with that picture on the internet I wouldn't talk to them!!!" She is now on the other computer on MSN mumbling "sometimes I worry about you mother!"

At least I can rest assured she won't be talking to any freaks on there LOL!!
Hello Paprika - and welcome ! :)

glad you feel confortable now to post - Minimins is great - for all kinds of weight loss - not just VLCDs ;)

you'll get loadsa support - and a laugh - on here !

good luck with your journey...ur doing really well already !


Welcome Paprika

I wish you all the best in your weight loss journey. I also love your avatar!
Hiya Paprika

Love the name!!

Welcome to the boards

Hi Paprika,


The beauty of this board is, you'll never feel alone in your experience of VLCD.

Much love and good luck