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You know youve lost weight when...

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Off Topic' started by stef2009, 4 March 2012 Social URL.

  1. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Ok ladies so i keep coming across things other than the obvious and thinking god i am loosing weight :O

    So thought it would be nice to share are brill discoveries together...

    You know youve lost weight when....

    Your leggings are starting to get baggy!!

    You have to keep making ur bra straps smaller!!

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  3. MiniMoosh

    MiniMoosh Mooshing back

    You can do up your size 20 coat! For the first time!
    Your jammie bottoms fall down!
  4. Pinklady1911

    Pinklady1911 serial dieter!!!

    The cup section of your bra looks like you could fit another in there!
    You dont have to yank your jeans up over your love handles all the time!
  5. MiniMoosh

    MiniMoosh Mooshing back

    You realise all your Evans knickers no longer fit boo hoo.
    You can wear Primark knickers!
  6. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Primark sizes are the most annoying ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. weasey

    weasey Gold Member

    You discover that you do have bones after all...

    You get a numb bum when you go to the cinema...

    You get a nice shock when you see yourself in the mirror...

    Everyone tells you to stop because you've lost enough now - even though you're still obese...
  8. BordersGirl

    BordersGirl Feeling great in 2012!

    He he - love the Primark knickers! :)

    When you run for the train and your trousers fall down (yes really!) and you have to run along with 1 hand frantically hanging on to the waistband :)

    When you sit on the train and people actually want to sit next to you rather than looking for another seat (although that's an annoying side effect actually!).

    When you travel on a plane and don't have a panic attack beforehand worrying whether the seatbelt will do up.

    When you wear jeans and don't think that you've single handedly caused a world denim shortage :)
  9. RaeB

    RaeB Full Member

    When you put your jeans on thinking they're baggy coz you've worn them a couple of times, only to realise they've come straight out of the clean washing pile!
  10. MiniMoosh

    MiniMoosh Mooshing back

    You can go into River Island and not think everyone in there is judging you!
  11. BordersGirl

    BordersGirl Feeling great in 2012!

    I'm with you there Moosh. There are many shops that I felt like that in beforehand.
  12. RaeB

    RaeB Full Member

    The guys at the coffee machine at work chat to you now, whereas before they barely glanced at you.
  13. norwegian girl

    norwegian girl Silver Member

    Love them..........
    Or when you are sitting on the loo and actually can see the lower part of the flab on your belly and the teeny tiny mole you have not seen for years. That was a defining moment for me today, seeing the underneath of my belly!!!!
  14. MiniMoosh

    MiniMoosh Mooshing back

    You can walk around the house sans trousers and not get bad thigh-rubby pain! Ouch!
  15. BordersGirl

    BordersGirl Feeling great in 2012!

    Yeah, that's another one - being able to walk with your legs together rather than apart because your thighs are too fat :)
  16. MiniMoosh

    MiniMoosh Mooshing back

    Being able to kneel back on your heels for more than a few seconds without intense pain!
  17. stormywave

    stormywave Full Member

    Bought a pair of my usual size jeans in the sales and can take them on/off without undoing them.... Need to try before I buy now !
  18. MiniMoosh

    MiniMoosh Mooshing back

    When you have to make extra holes in your belt!
  19. BordersGirl

    BordersGirl Feeling great in 2012!

    Or when you even need a belt! :)
  20. RaeB

    RaeB Full Member

    You realise that you haven't worn your OHs rugby shirt for weeks now...you remember, the big one that you used to love hiding in.
  21. MiniMoosh

    MiniMoosh Mooshing back

    Your favourite tops are now used as nighties, too big to wear outside!

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