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YOU - this year & next!

People seem to go into sheer panic at this time of year about Christmas looming, the shopping, the money, the family, friends, who is going where, who is doing what etc... but,


think for a moment.......think of all the things that are going to be different for you this Christmas and into 2010!


Aren't we amazing!

Kat xx
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Gotta Make A Change
we def are amazing, i admit xmas is going to be a big spending spree for me :)
im making sure xmas is at my house this year as for the last 3-4 years its always been at someone elses, so im ensuring its held here :)
and whats going to be different this xmas and into 2010 is that one of my goals doesnt have to be Losing weight :) now its getting fitter woohoo


I will do this!
I've decided to have everyone here and cook for them this year too, mainly so I can control the food that is made and I feel much better in abstinence when I am cooking and giving others pleasure from eating. I know that this time next year I will be a fitter, healthier me and that I am pretty amazing, as is LL and all of you. Thanks for all the support you give on this forum guys x
Me too - having christmas day here so I can choose what to cook .... I'll be in RTM so will make sure I can have what I need.
My weight loss is had an effect on others too - we go to my sisters on boxing day and this year instead of another gut busting meal she has decided to have a casual soup and nibbles day ....will be easier for me too:D
As for 2010 I intend to get fitter too ....son is already planning where we can go on our bikes ....that will force the dogs to get fitter too if we are both on bikes!
We have reorganised Christmas this year. Instead of spending the day itself cooking and opening presents and attending mass in the morning and then eating and slobbing in front of the tv or games boards all afternoon, we have decided to have the big Christmas dinner and family presents exchange on Christmas eve. Then midnight mass.

That way, on Christmas Day, we can enjoy a nice breakfast, watch the kids opening their gifts from santa, make up a lovely packed lunch and head off to the hills for the day. My sister and her hubbie will be with us and we all love hill walks. We may even have snow on the tops.

Yes, my mum will be left alone during that time as she cannot walk very far, but in reality, the daylight has gone by 3.30pm so we will be home mid afternoon and I'll provide a lovely cooked meal in the evening courtesy of my slow cooker.

A healthier way to spend the day :) Now, so long as it doesn't bucket it down on the 25th ....

And we have booked the matinee pantomime for the 26th in consideration of my mum, then plan another day out walking on the 27th. I'm excited. This is a whole new approach to the festive season as we are not planning our schedules around the TV schedule :D.
Sounds FAB T-I

It'll probably start a new tradition in your house.
Something for everyone there and a chance to burn off some calories - and -
heaven forbid - talk to each other !!!
I'm sure you will all enjoy it and your Mum will appreciate a bit of quiet too.
It'll probably start a new tradition in your house.
Something for everyone there and a chance to burn off some calories - and -
heaven forbid - talk to each other !!!
I'm sure you will all enjoy it and your Mum will appreciate a bit of quiet too.

Here's hoping it works well this year. I think it'll be great for everyone, but Mum has already indicated she feels left out. She will sit in her chair and eat all day quite happily and then moan about being a size 24.

Life is a compromise, but I also need to put myself first more often. We have accommodated her ways every year for the past 15 years. This one is for me (and the rest of my active family)!

My future has to be different if I am not to regain. And I certainly don't want to be on RTM week 5 and stuck in a house full of cakes and chocolate feeling bored and/or stressed by lack of activity. This year is mine. xx
One of the things that has struck me is how different my resolutions for next year are to what they have been before. Every year my resolutions have included losing weight, along with targets based on sports and activities chosen solely because I could do them at >20 stone. 2008 was all about canoeing - I did it pretty much every weekend, and was pretty obsessive about it, it was pretty much the only outdoor sport open to me. For 2009 I had just one resolution, which was to get to my target weight, and I've done that. Now it's 2010 that's looking really different. Instead of losing weight my only weight related target is to finish the year no heavier than I start it.

And instead of everything being about canoeing I now have:

- Finish in the top half of the results table at an Adventure Race (generally a mix of trail running, mountain biking and kayaking)
- Complete a Mountain Marathon
- Run a sub-2hr half marathon
- Run a sub-4hr marathon
- Continue to respect, value and care for myself

And already for 2009 I've been able to tick off the wish list things like:

- Learn to rock climb
- Paddle a sit in sea kayak
- Run a half marathon distance (completed a week ago :) )

Oh, and lose 10 stone :D

One thing I can't wait for next year is spending two weeks whitewater rafting in the grand canyon. I did that for a few days years ago, and did hardly any of the optional hikes. I said it was because I'm not great with heights, but to be honest it was because I wasn't fit enough and at the size I was couldn't cope with the heat. This time I'll be doing every side hike going!

I think the main differences for 2010 are going to be that for the first time I'm actually me, not a horrible sad version of me trapped in a fat person's body. For the first time I will be able to do anything I want to do that I put my mind to, and will never have to make excuses as to why I can't do something to hide the fact that it's because I'm too big to fit the clothing/kit, too heavy for the equipment, or not fit enough.

Bring it on!