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You wouldn't suit being skinny...

You wouldn’t suit being skinny......
Firstly, at no time did I EVER suggest that I had the inclination OR capability to be skinny, yet certain family members and friends have said this to me. Bear in mind that I still am overweight by 3 and a half stones so for health reasons alone it is advisable to shift this, so why do people make profoundly stupid statements like “You wouldn’t suit being skinny” or “Don’t lose anymore or you’ll lose your looks”. This is beyond me. Or should I say, it was....
I have got the answer as to why this happens. The people who say this are not comfortable with your changes in yourself. It was perfectly ok when you were like the side of a house because then they could say to themselves “Well, at least I’m not as fat as.....” As you start to lose weight, their subconscious starts to think “God, she’s looking good. Pretty soon I will be fatter than her and then I’ll have no one who is worse off than me. I’ll head her off at the pass. It’ll save me having to diet and feel bad about MYSELF....”
Lots of friends and family make bizarre statements like the ones I have mentioned. Take them on board at your peril. Most of the time there is no malice intended but why halt your progress to health and looking good because of someone else’s insecurities?
Your comments, Minis?
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It's funny, when I first lost my weight (re-start today having gained half my weight blah, blah, blah), I heard really positive comments - mostly.

The negative comments were always the same "you don't want to go too far and end up looking gaunt". Used to pee me off no end.

Not looking at all guant now though and would give anything to hear that comment, would mean the weight is falling off and it was getting notcied again.



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LOL this made me laugh Fit4Forty... and have you had this one (from a work colleague) "oh it's not a safe diet losing weight so fast" errr.. what, and being very overweight is safe? :p It's just something to say..I just smile and think.. wow I'm nearly in my next size jeans..LOL

I love this diet and I certainly won't be giving it up. :D

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