Your problem area....where is it? and if you could keep one bit fat...which bit?


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Ok....well if I could slim areas to demand this is what I would like to achieve

Slim down:-
  • Tummy
  • Bum
  • bumpy bits at side of bum (hips!)
  • Waist
Keep the same:-
  • Legs - too skinny already (I resemble a potato body with sticks for legs)
  • face - dont want it to get too thin...unfortunately to lose enough weight from my tummy I end up looking a bit haggard in the face too. (fragile is how one person described me last time!)
  • Boobs - I want to get down a bit but not like last time...empty bags of skin...I am a 44DD and last time went to a 32A!!! (and that was just skin!)
My solutions....instead of getting to 8.7. I will aim for 9.7 (equally acceptable for someone of 5ft 4) and then take the plunge of having surgery....a tummy tuck, and a boob uplift (possibly adding a way my face and legs shouldnt get too thin!

Whats your problem area? And what part of your body do you want to not lose too much ?
Tummy and chin definite problem areas....

Wouldn't mind keeping hips or even thighs just so long as I had a flat stomach and a thin face!!!

If only we could spot reduce!
yes...there used to be diets that proclaimed to lose the fat from specific areas but I dont think they worked in reality

I suppose we all have a basic shape and we lose fate evenly from everywhere when we diet.

Having said that my sister in law went from a size 24 to a 10 when her partner of 12 years left with her best friend..and is size 10 everywhere except her bust which would give Jordan a run for her money...(except hers are real)...She is due to have a breast reduction op soon as she has a terrible back with the size of them.

Imagine weighing 8 stone 7 and having 44F boobs!
As above! My tummy and boobs, after having two big babies and breatfeeding plus years of yo-yo dieting, I really think Ill have to resort to plastic surgery! Wonder if I can get lottery funding?!!! :)
My peoblem areas are my midriff and stomach as i am an apple shape although i am doing an hour's cardio a day and it is helping. My ex mother in law said I looked fantastic yesterday!!!:) :) I'd like to keep my boobs but shrink them a little!!!
My thighs, my waist and my tummy.

My tummy beneath my belly botton doesn't match up to my relatively slim torso.

My waist is nowhere near being in proportion. My hips and chest are a 14-16 depending on where you shop but my waist is still 34 inches! That should be the next place the weight will fall off of so I'm not that bothered - yet!

As for my thighs, I used to be very sporty when I was thin doing horse riding and sprinting and power events in athletics so my thighs were always massively muscley. Now they are just massive and not in proportion with the rest of me. They never have been in proportion though.
Everything. I guess I've been semi lucky in that I have an hourglass figure and I've gone up in proportion - I'm basically 10 inches bigger all over than I was 5 years ago. I would like to lose extra on my thighs but they are genetic - my whole family has solid legs - even my uber skinny sister!

Lynne x
I think it's my tummy. If I put on any weight now, it goes straight to my stomach and I look pregnant. Only need to put on a couple of pounds for it to show.

This is great for warning me that I'm gaining. So easy to see:eek:

Otherwise I'm lucky. I used to be hourglass, but as I've got older I'm definitely less shapely....but still quite well proportioned.
As I'm insulin resistant, most of my weight has been concentrated on my tummy. Of course, at 21st 12lb I was fat all over but it was definitely most evident on my stomach. I HATE it because it makes trousers hang all wrong and gave me that 'weeble' look.

My tummy is shrinking but not fast enough for my liking! I suppose it'll all go eventually - I hope so anyway or I'll look prepetually pregnant!

What fat part would I keep??

Debbie x
My Tum is definately my worst bit. 3 pregnancies, including twins, have not helped and I am worried that even when the weight is gone I will still have a saggy tum. Still it will be thin and saggy so that's a bonus!
Definately my stomache, it's huge,

I'm lucky that i have an hourglass figure (sheame its covered in so much fat)

I'd like to keep my bust
Belly, bum and tops of my arms are my most hated bits.
oh and my feet, i take a size 10 and would kill to be an 8. quite happy with my boobs though.
I would love to have slim knees when I reach my goal if I could spot reduce (fat chance!) as always been an area I was conscious of even when very fit and slim. Wouldn't want to lose too much in the face as can be aging. Dizzy

Mizzy wants to lose his belly. Wouldn't want to lose any on legs they'd snap!
I would like to have fat on my looks like a bit of a pancake just now:( :eek:

Little for my lips too:rolleyes:
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would like to lose weight on my tummy.Whenever I do lose weight it comes of my legs and bum stomach is always the last to go. I dont want to lose anything of my boobs
Walking is the best way to lose belly fat.

I am very pleased with the way it is coming off my belly, still big:( but shrinking.

Love Mini xxx
Everywhere and anywhere Don't care where it goes from as long as it goes. Would like to keep my 48DD boobs had them at 13.5 stone and still have them at 21.5 stone but doesn't work like that does it ! We are women and generally we are rarely happy with our bodies shame really isn't it ? if we could only transform all negative thoughts into positive ones about ourselves what a great life it could be.

But it isn't going to go anywhere if i don't stick with it. So will be starting again on Wednesday with a vengeance. Started last Friday and was doing well until a friend appeared for the weekend unexpectedly and that was it - it all went downhill from there. Not her fault totally my fault but not going to beat myself up about it, mind you the cold weather didn't help either. So the fridge will be empty by Wednesday other than pedigree chum that is ! So here we go............