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Your Sunday....

Just wondred what you are all up to today?

We are having a lovely lazy family day in, reading the newspapers and just browsing the net - playing with the little ones etc! :D

I'm having fruit salad and yoghurt for brekkie (gooseberries, cherries and strawberries from the garden)
Bacon Omelette for lunch
Roast Pork, Creamy Pesto Sauce (sw free), Carrots, Broccoli and Cabbage for Dinner
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yes thats wot im doing with my day of peice lol, n just ate sum sw rice pud for my brekki heheheh!!x


Slow but sure....
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We are also having a lazy Sunday, we usually ring our son in New Zealand on Skype first thing (as he is about 12 hours in front of us) then my hubby likes to potter in the garden.

This afternoon I shall speak to my mother and my daughter on the phone, and I do my Asda grocery online order which I have delivered on a Tuesday.

Then we have a nice Sunday evening meal, we are having Chinese take away tonight, and then find something to watch on TV and just relax for a couple of hours.

Just a lazy enjoyable Sunday really. X


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I am off to work at 1 :( I hate working sunday's and am there until 9. I am going to make up a cous cous salad to take for my break so thats something to look forward too, then pray the time whizzes by until I finish at 9.
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I'm packing as we are heading away for a few days tomorrow. My youngest keeps bringing in teddies (which she never looks at any other time) and tells me they must come!! These are the same teddies that are always in the charity bag but mysteriously appear back in her room.

Enjoy your Sunday.


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
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i have a driving lesson , yuk it seems as if i have been learning 4ever. have had test few times but the things i can do with my intructor always go wrong on the day hopefully will pass on next go


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Had hoped to get the dogs out for a walk in the woods and a swim in the lake but it's chucking it down outside (oh I love summer!) and as much as it's no problem them getting wet I'm still getting over this flu so not quite up for it myself!

Instead a lazy day, might sort out the wardrobe and cd's (need to start downsizing for when we move..eek!) thinking of a fry up for brekkie, leftover free curry for lunch and a roast chicken with mash and veg....YUM!
Oh DearFatty - i know that feeling only too well - however i am off work for a year on Maternity Leave - but i hated working weekends too - especially my late shift!

Tweety i'll cross my fingers for you, i need to start taking my driving lessons again. Been far to lazy for years putting it off and have gotten to the stage where it is now or never!!!

Coffeepot - i cannot stop laughing - my 5 year old is EXACTLY the same! Enjoy your few days away

Aliflower - i was planning to take the dogs on a long walk too - but we'll see what the weather delivers.....

Enjoy your day everyone xx


needs more willpower!
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I've been into town and spent too much money on a new baking cookbook. Now im in pain from walking too much im going to have a nice long hot bath and relax. Then im going to bake a toffee and pecan swiss roll (definatley not SW friendly) and be very good and only have a tiny slice.... try being the operative word hehe x


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I attempted some exercise first thing this morning, im not supposed to do anything for another 3 weeks whilst recovering from surgery but its driving me mad! Anyway, the exercise went fine!

I had a big home cooked veggie breakfast when my fiance came home from playing football.

Im now chilling out watching T4 on the beach with some SW baked cheesecakes in the oven!


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Went to the cinema this morning, seem to of eaten my body weight in junk and I'm now waiting on a chinese takeaway for dinner :/


Lover of Extra Easy
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I went shopping at Tescos for my weekly shop. I prefer doing it on my own but my hubby wanted to come too.
He moans so much, he is not coming next time! He just cannot believe that I get through so many muller lights in a week (24 lol) and that I "need" so much fruit and veg and SW food! Men! He bought some sickly looking buns and cakes for himself. Thankfully I am not even tempted. I prefer my Alpen lights and have some SW rice pud left.
We had a lovely lunch of roast lamb, jacket and loads of veg - all free.
We had a nice nap after lunch and now just chilling out listening to the rain!


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I'm staying at my Mom and Dad's for weekend in Birmingham so i woke up here first obviously.
I went girly shopping with two of my friends here (who were both totally shocked by my weight loss, despite it only being 10lb, yay! :D) and I bought a new top and a dress to slim into, it does up but it's too tight at the moment.
Then I went to Harvester with my parents and sister and her fiance for dinner, I had smokey joe tuna with cajun rice mmm
Sister's birthday cake for pudding and now just browsing the net and relaxing. Nice day :)
G: 12st0lb
We have been on a 12 km cycle ride No breakfast as I knew I would have a pub lunch. Roast beef and gravy and steamed veg (no roasties) at the pub and it wasnt too fatty but did have a large yorkshire, no pudding, just large diet coke. Raspberry picking on the way home.Eve meal 2 boiled eggs and two nimble with huge bowl rapberries and muller.


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i got up had breakfast, went to shop,hung washing out put more washing on, prepaired dinner, put dinner on, done more washing,dad visited, dished up dinner, ate dinner. feed our daughter her pudding, comforted our daughter after a nasty fall bump on the head and bruise (so felt very sorry for herself) hung washing up, put more washing on, showered the children, done our daughters bottle, now after i can finally sit down properly im sat wondering what i can have for tea but as you may tell by my busy day i cant be bothered to do much nice easy and syn free dinner any ideas??

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